5 Reasons Why Infinity Laser Spa Is The Best Laser Spa In NYC

5 Reasons Why Infinity Laser Spa Is The Best Laser Spa In NYC
Maybe you do not know it already but here is the truth. Laser hair removal is the best hair removal option there is. It is cheap. It does not hurt like waxing. Results are permanent. Removing unwanted hair forever is a dream come true. Only issue? Finding the best laser spa in New York City. Infinity Laser Spa is where you need to go. Why? Let us give you five excellent reasons why you need to choose us!

Infinity Laser Spa provides excellent results

Do you want to know why you should choose Infinity Laser Spa? Simply because we are one of the best spa in New York City. No, we are not just tooting our own horn. Expertise.com said so. They voted us amongst best places to get laser hair removal in New York. Results vary from one person to another. There may be plenty of reasons why. Genetics, skin tone, hair color, etc. However, we can tell you one thing. You will see a significant hair growth reduction after your treatment. To be fair, you will also have less hair even after your first laser session. Simply because laser hair removal reduces hair growth. Each session treats 20% of unwanted body hair. This is because of the hair growth cycle. Laser treatments always include at least six sessions. You may need touch up on hormonal and sensitive areas like the bikini line. Yet, at Infinity Laser Spa, you can be confident that we will have treated at least 90% of unwanted hair after six sessions.

We treated over 100,000 happy customers

Do you need another reason why Infinity Laser is the best laser hair removal spa in New York City? Check out all our customer feedback on Yelp or Google Reviews. They speak for themselves. Since we opened in 2013, we have treated over 100,000 customers. They all report consistently good results. Finding the best laser hair removal specialist can be hard. You can read our tips on the topic. However, one key step is to check out customer reviews. And doing so in different places and on different platforms. That way, you will get a diversity of opinions and the bigger picture. You can also check out our testimonial page or our Instagram profile to see what customers have to say about us.

Infinity Laser Spa is conveniently located

One big advantage of our spa is its location. Infinity Laser Spa is very central. Literally speaking, it is in the heart of Manhattan. Location is important. No one wants to travel hours and hours on end to get to a laser appointment. Accessibility is also an important part. Long commuting with a lot of changes is tedious. Luckily, Infinity Laser Spa is ideally located. See the big Macy's on Herald Square? We are basically next door! You could not do more central. Located on sixth avenue and 30th street, you can reach us via main train lines. the B,D, F,M lines as well as R, W, N, Q are just around the corner. The subway station is 34 St Herald Sq.

We use superior technology

At Infinity Laser Spa, we are able to offer the best laser hair removal services in New York City. This is because we use the best laser technology available on the market. Wonder what that is? We use diode lasers from Soprano Ice Platinum and Vertex Lasers. Both devices work on all skin tones and hair type. Indeed, they offer three wavelengths. They also have adjustable settings that will help remove unwanted body hair. The 755nm wavelength targets fair hair on light skin. The 810nm wavelength works on dark hair and light skin. Finally, the 1064nm wavelength is ideal to treat dark hair on dark skin. All our certified laser technician are trained on our laser machines. Smaller areas, larger areas, hormonal, non-hormonal, what matters is that the hair follicle is treated.

Infinity Laser Spa is a safe space

We offer a safe space to our customers. We treat everyone regardless of gender and skin color. Our machines are indeed suitable for all skin tones and hair colors. Our guide to laser hair removal for women of color will help patient with darker skin understand the procedure. Infinity Laser Spa is also the best choice for those who are transitioning. We provide excellent treatments at an affordable price. All our technicians are open and accepting. Have any questions? Or worries? Ask one of our certified laser technician. They are here to answer any questions you may have. Unsure about laser hair removal? Come in for a free consultation. To conclude, Infinity Laser Spa is the best laser spa for five reasons. You'll see amazing results after your treatment. Our patient feedback speak for themselves. Our location is ideal. The technology we use is state-of-the-art. Last but not least, we are a safe space.

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