Laser Hair Removal for Men, Why is the Best Option

Why Laser Hair Removal Is The Best Hair Removal Option For Men

Men have been removing unwanted body hair for ages. Even though facial hair is back in fashion, most men still shave. And they have to do it every single day. Maybe there are better hair removal options for men.

The most common method is shaving. Then comes waxing. Even though it is more painful, it offers good results in the short-term. Hair removal creams may also be used.

What about laser hair removal though? Laser hair removal is the best hair removal option for men. There are plenty of reasons why. Here are the main five.



Laser hair removal is a fairly new hair removal option. While shaving pre-dates cavemen, laser treatments really started in the 70s. It is a hair growth-reduction treatment and will remove 95% of unwanted body hair permanently.

Approved by the FDA, it does not classify as a permanent hair removal method yet. However, a lot of patients do indeed experience permanent hair reduction. The concept behind the treatment is selective photothermolysis.

A laser beam is used to target a specific object without damaging surrounding tissues. In the context of a laser procedure, that target is the pigment in the hair. Surrounding tissues are the skin. The light energy produced by the laser targets color pigments in the unwanted hair.

Once the melanin has absorbed the energy, that heat then travels down the hair shaft into the follicle, damaging the follicle and preventing it from producing hair. However, the treatment only works on body hair that is in the anagen phase of growth.

Indeed, it is the only time the hair is connected to the follicle. Each hair has a unique growth cycle. Thus, only 20% of all body hair will be in the anagen phase at any point in time. Thus, one laser session can only target 10% to 20% of hair at once.

This explains why patients needs multiple laser hair removal. The cumulative effect of each session will lead to permanent hair removal.Each session must be six weeks apart so that the hair can move into the right phase of growth.

Laser hair removal is cheap

Laser hair removal is affordable. Yes, you read right. No, it is a huge misconception that laser treatments are expensive. While the upfront cost may seem high, the long-term cost is actually very low.

Simply because once you are done with your laser hair removal treatment, you will not have to spend any more money. It is a one-time cost. You may have to purchase a touch-up session, but the cost will still be very low.

Take shaving for example. A razor costs $20. A pack of 4 four cartridges cost $25. A bottle of shaving cream is $10. Per month, it is $55 which is $660 a year.

Let's say you start shaving age 15 and live up to 90 years old. That is 75 years of shaving or $49,000. And that is just if you shave your beard. Of course if you do full body, the cost is much higher.

Six sessions of beard laser hair removal are $520. The face is a hormonal area. Thus, you will need more sessions. Two packages for your facial hair will cost you $1100, which is far below the cost of shaving.

Let's not even start with waxing. The cost per month is up to three times that of shaving. At the end of the day, the best hair removal option for men is laser hair removal.

Is Laser Hair Removal permanent?

If you have been shaving for years, you know the drill. You have to do it every single day. Otherwise, your facial hair grows back. While a three-day beard is charming, it is not always appropriate for work.

However, it probably is the repetitive nature of shaving that will convince you to switch hair removal method. Not only do laser treatments offer permanent hair removal. They also do not need to be performed every day.

As the name suggests, laser hair removal treatments involve the use of laser light technology. These lasers emit pulses of light energy into the skin to target the root and hair follicles. Once the root and follicle are destroyed, hair can no longer grow, and the result is permanent hair reduction. Depending on the size of the area, most clients need multiple hair-removal sessions to see the best results. 

Actually, each session of laser hair removal must be six weeks apart. You will still need to shave before each session. However, you will need several treatments to be completely rid of unwanted hair. Thus, you may still want to shave between sessions.

The good news is, once your treatment is done and all your sessions behind you, you will not have to worry about shaving or facial hair. Just imagine, not having to spend time in the bathroom to get it right.

Plus, you won't risk cutting yourself anymore.

Does Laser hair Removal Hurt? Most men find the treatment fairly comfortable and quick, as most sessions take 15-20 minutes. The sensation may feel like a prick or a rubber band snap, but with today's technology, laser hair removal can be virtually painless.

Laser hair removal is convenient

The common belief says that shaving is convenient. Is it really though? If you think about it, it is time consuming and tedious. You must do it every single day if you want to keep your facial hair in check.

Facial hair growth carries on even as you are shaving. All in all, you probably spend a good fifteen minute shaving. Probably more. Each morning. You could be sleeping instead.

Think about it.

Laser hair removal is much more convenient. First of all, you do not need to do anything yourself. A certified technician will do the treatment for you. Then, a session can last as little as ten minutes.

If you do decide to treat your beard, you will be in and out in barely twenty minutes. Not only that but you will barely feel a thing. Because laser hair removal does not hurt.

It pinches a bit, it feels hot, but hurting? No. Men's laser hair removal is painless, fast, convenient. What else can you ask for?

Laser Hair Removal prevents ingrown hair and other skincare issues

Shaving cuts the hair in the direction opposite to hair growth. Waxing removes the hair and root in a similar fashion. Thus, when the hair grows back, it does not always finds its way to the surface.

The hair may curl on itself under the skin. It may also grow sideways. Or it could be too thin to pierce the skin. Growing under the skin will create ingrown hairs.

They are very common side-effects of waxing and shaving. Ingrown hairs are also ugly and unpleasant. They can be itchy and get infected. If you have a sensitive skin, you may also experience redness and dryness.

Laser hair removal is the best hair removal option for men simply because it eliminates all secondary effect of shaving or waxing. Say goodbye to ingrown hair, irritated skin and redness. It gives you smooth skin.

Laser hair removal for men, the main takeaway

Laser hair removal treatments are the best hair removal option for men. Why? It is cheaper in the long-term than shaving.

A laser treatment is also more convenient. A session for a small area will take up to 10 minutes.

What about the pain? While shaving is not painful, you can still hurt yourself. Razor cuts and all. Laser hair removal removes that risk. Plus, it helps prevent ingrown hair outbreaks.

However, the biggest reason why you should undergo laser hair removal if you are a man is because it is permanent. You will not have to shave ever again!

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