How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on the Face

how to get rid of dark spots on face infinity laser spa new york nyc sun damage liver spots brown hyperpigmentation

Dark spots, whether hyperpigmentation or age spots, are some of the many things that can make your complexion look uneven. Some dark spots are a result of sun damage and are post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Others are just signs of aging. However, sometimes, they are the only thing keeping you from your no-makeup goal. If you want … Read more

Bridal Beauty Routine

Bridal Beauty Routine

Being a bride is exciting but also stressful and sometimes overwhelming. There are so many things to think about: the wedding dress, the registry list, the catering, the drinks, the guests, the venue, etc… How stressful. We understand why some hire a wedding planner for help. The ever ending to-do list… which does not leave … Read more

A Facial To Help With Acne

A Facial To Help With Acne

As a teenager, acne marks the passing to adulthood. Puberty is full on, hormones are awash, and your skin is not happy. Some get more acne than others but it seems to be an unavoidable step. Unfortunately, it is also a source of discomfort, awkwardness that can really have a toll on a teenager’s confidence. … Read more

CO2 Laser Treatment for Wrinkles

co2 laser treatment for wrinkles

Fractional CO2 laser plays a big role in dermatology. It provides a bridge between the full ablative indications and the nonablative skin rejuvenation systems of the 2000s in the rejuvenation of photoaged skin on and off the face. And guess what, it is also a great laser treatment for wrinkles, traces of aging and to … Read more

CO2 Laser Treatment for Acne

co2 laser treatment for acne

Whether during teenagehood or adulthood, acne is always an inconvenience and usually do not help with self-confidence. Mild acne can be treated with dedicated facials such as our “pimple bye” facial. However, stronger acne needs another sort of treatment. So today, we will talk to you about CO2 laser treatment for acne. Is a CO2 … Read more

Does laser actually work wrinkles?

laser on wrinkles

We have talked about how you could use CO2 laser on wrinkles. Due to its very nature, laser targets damaged skin, creating tiny wounds, to boost skin rejuvination and collagen production. It is hus perfect for skin rejuvination. Fractional CO2 laser also works great on acne scars. Again, we talked about this as well. However, … Read more