5 Laser Hair Removal Treatments For Men

5 Laser Hair Removal Treatments For Men

Laser hair removal is not only for women. As a matter of fact, a lot of men will undergo laser treatments. We have explained in our guide to laser hair removal for men that there may be plenty of reasons why male patients choose this procedure. At the end of the day, they too are under some pressure to remove unwanted body hair. Granted, the pressure usually is about facial hair.

Most individuals see complete or significant hair loss, which means less maintenance, even if you have a few hairs remaining. And for those who have to deal with ingrown hairs or razor burn after shaving, it's well worth it.

Laser hair removal can combat pesky ingrown hairs that can become infected and cause red, swollen, and painful bumps after shaving the face and neck. Severe ingrowns can also result in hyperpigmentation and scarring, and laser treatments can significantly reduce this occurrence. 

However, here are five laser hair removal treatments for men that are very popular.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a long-term hair reduction method that uses selective photothermolysis. The laser gun will match a specific wavelength to a determined pulse duration meant to target an object at the surface of the skin. Such technique will not damage surrounding skin tissues.

Despite the increased use of lasers, to date, few guidelines exist in terms of how to approach laser hair removal. Specifically, one must understand the mechanism of hair growth and how lasers work to target the hair follicle.

Your laser technician will map out and mark the area you want to be treated and provide you with goggles while also wearing their own.The laser gun will produce a beam of light that will target the pigments in the hair. Once the energy is in the hair, it will travel all the way through to the follicle, under the dermis.There, the energy will turn into thermal energy. The heat is what will damage the hair follicle, thus preventing any further growth.

What the thermal energy actually does is cauterizing the blood vessels that feed the hair follicles on the targeted area. Once the follicle no longer gets its fuel, it dies. Only a permanently damaged hair follicle will allow for permanent hair removal. Indeed, if the follicle manages to regenerate, it will produce new hair.

You can get as many hair removal for men sessions until your treated area is free of hair. Some people have strong hair follicles that take more than one session to destroy. Once you complete treatment, you only need to come for one or two touch up laser sessions to sustain the results. Permanent hair Removal for Men When lasers destroy the hair follicle, hair doesn't grow back 

Does Laser Hair Removal HurtMost men find the treatment fairly comfortable and quick, as most sessions take 15-20 minutes. The sensation may feel like a prick or a rubber band snap, but with today's technology, laser hair removal can be virtually painless.

Beard Laser Hair Removal

Facial Laser hair removal is something men are quite familiar with. Even though men are more and more casual when it comes to their moustache or beard, many of them still give particular attention to their facial hair. There may be a lot of reasons why: lifestyle, athletics, work, etc.

Now, let’s be honest. And I think a lot of men will agree with me on that: shaving is inconvenient and annoying. Think of the time it takes every single day to get that hairless skin… for just a day. Plus, the more you shave, the more you need to shave.

Indeed, shaving only cuts the hair at the surface of the skin rather than damaging the hair follicle or removing the root. Thus, the hair grows back immediately after being cut. That basically means you will have to shave forever. The good news is that there are alternatives.

Forget about waxing. It is just as inconvenient and time-consuming, and also painful. On the other hand, beard laser hair removal is done in no time, is painless and makes life much easier! Since it reduces hair growth by up to 90%, you will not need to shave ever again after the end of your treatment!

The beard removal treatment area includes all of the lower face and upper neck: chin, extended chin, upper lip, sideburns and cheeks. The jaws are not included. Sessions generally take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Beard laser hair removal will also allow male patients transitioning to female to get rid of the beard shade created by shaving.

Mankini Laser Hair Removal

Mankini laser hair removal is the male equivalent to full Brazilian laser hair removal. Mankini laser treatments are part of the growing manscaping trends amongst men. More and more male patients are looking to remove unwanted pubic hair from their intimate area.

Men may choose to remove their body hair because manscaping helps them relieve irritation. Some might do it to reduce bushiness and any itchiness that can be intensified by hair in the summer months. Some guys just have really hairy butts, too.

The mankini covers the front of the pubic region, the ball sacks as well as the area up the thong line. The treatment takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. Remember to come in clean-shaven to ensure maximum efficiency of the treatment and reduce risks of any side effects.

The mankini is a very sensitive area. Even though laser hair removal is not painful, the treatment feels like a rubber band snapping at the skin repeatedly. It may be uncomfortable depending on your pain tolerance. Hair around the pubic region is very coarse, thus you may need additional sessions to achieve satisfactory results.

Full Torso Laser Hair Removal

Another popular laser hair removal treatment for men is the full torso. While some men may decide to treat their chest or stomach only, others will seek to remove unwanted body hair all over that area.

The chest and abdominals area are usually quite hairy areas on a man’s body. The full torso covers the entire abdominal region as well as the chest. Sessions generally take 20 minutes to complete. The treatment feels like a hot pinch followed by a cooling sensation.

The full torso generally requires 6 to 15 treatments for 75% to 95% hair reduction. The torso is not a hormonal area and therefore will not need more than six to eight sessions. Factors such as hair color, skin tones, genetics and medication may impact the results of laser hair removal.

Neck Laser Hair Removal

While a lot of men shave their beard or even undergo laser hair removal to be rid of unwanted hair, they are fewer to remove hair on their neck, be it at the front or at the back. However, if you think about it, the front of the neck is just the extension of the beard. The back of the neck is the extension of the hair.

While some men are not bothered by hair on their neck, others are. Once again, shaving may seem convenient and easy. However, it is not sustainable as it requires daily effort and a significant amount of money. Plus, the hair will never stop growing back.

Some men may also expand their treatment to the shoulders, which can also be quite hairy. Although it is not as popular, it remains a growing trend and provides a good alternative to shaving and even waxing in an area that is quite hard to reach.

Back Laser Hair Removal

At Infinity Laser Spa, we offer three options when it comes to back laser hair removal: full back, lower back or upper back. Patients will pick the area depending on their hairiness. The most popular treatment remains the full back, which does not include the shoulders, as it also allows patients to remove unwanted hair on their waistline.

The full-back includes the entire back from the base of the spine to above the buttocks. Depending on the client’s needs the halfback can cover the area from the base of the spine to below the shoulder blades. It does not include the shoulders. Alternatively, the halfback can also be applied to the area below the shoulder blades to above the buttocks.

A full back treatment will take up to 25 minutes to complete while a half-back session will take ten minutes.

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