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At Infinity Laser Spa, we specialize in laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, fractional CO2 laser and facials.

We use the most advanced laser technology, allowing us to treat all skin tones and hair color. The laser hair removal machines we us are Soprano Ice and Vertex Lasers. You can trust us to help you remove your hair so that you are summer ready! Laser hair removal is the most successful and affordable method of laser hair removal and can help you reduce hair growth by up to 90%.

If you are unsure about laser hair removal, you can check out our blog. We post articles aimed at answering all your questions. You can also book a free consultation prior to booking a session. During your consultation, the technician will discuss with your the procedure and answer all your questions. Laser hair removal can help reduce hair growth by up to 90%. However, factors such as skin tones, hair texture as well as hair growth cycle. Even though you can read on those topics on our blog, the technician will still tell you what to expect during and after your first session.

We also encourage new and current patients to disclose any information relating to their medical history to help us make the procedure as safe as possible. Some medication indeed increase photosensitivity and may increase pain during the treatment for instance. The better prepared you are, the better your results will be.

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