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    Price voted Infinity Laser Spa amongst best laser hair removal in NYC. We offer superior customer service and have treated over 100,00 satisfied customers over the years. With over seven years of experience, we are confident that you will find the right laser deal for you.

    Our mission is to help our clients remove unwanted body hair and achieve permanent hair growth reduction. We strive to make laser hair removal affordable. Thus, we offer competitive laser package deals. Our laser packages will suit all budget.

    We run multiple laser hair removal deals and promotions throughout the year.

    Infinity Laser Spa offers affordable laser hair removal for all genders. As a matter of fact, laser treatments are ideal for transgender individuals who are transitioning. Laser hair removal will help reduce hair growth or remove unwanted body hair altogether.

    Our spa uses FDA-approved diode lasers from Vertex Lasers and Alma Lasers. They are effective on all skin tones. Indeed, our diode lasers can treat dark hair on dark skin as well as light hair on light skin.

    Our ice technology minimizes the discomfort while providing safe and effective results in hair reduction. To read more about our laser technology and other services, make sure to check out our FAQ page.

    All new patients are eligible for a free consultation. Upon meeting with one of our certified laser technician, you can ask any questions you may have about the procedure.


    Generally no. Some day it feels like a small pinch, others say they can't feel it at all.


    Yes! All of our lasers are certified using safe diode technology. Light or Dark skin tones are completely safe.


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    No. But that doesn't mean you can't get laser, as sometimes your hair may be dark enough for our lasers.

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