Transgender Laser Hair Removal

Why Laser Hair Removal Is The Best Option If You Are Transitioning?

Shaving, waxing, plucking and using depilatory creams are the worst. They are time consuming, inconvenient and expensive. Plus, they are not that effective. Not only does the hair return a few days later but methods such as shaving will leave a shade, especially on the face. If you are transitioning and looking to be rid of your hair, laser hair removal is the solution for you.

A necessary yet frustrating and annoying aspect of transitioning from male to female is hair removal. Laser hair removal when transitioning will make the process much faster and more convenient. You will be able to remove hair on any part of the body and see long-lasting results early on in the treatment.

At Infinity Laser Spa, we treat all patients and aspire to be the go-to place for transitioning clients. We have more than seven years of laser hair removal experience and can help you achieve your goals.

If you are a male-to-female transitioning individual, you may have already tried different ways to get rid of your unwanted hair already. We have tried all other hair removal methods and can confirm that they are not optimal. 

Waxing? Time consuming, expensive and painful. Chemical creams? Damaging to the skin. Shaving? Inconvenient, time consuming and inefficient. Plus, the hair grows back the second after you are done. If you are shaving your face, you will have a shade, which you do not want. Other little inconveniences include razor bumps, ingrown hair, stubbles and razor burns.

That is a no on those then.

Laser hair removal on the other end is the most effective way to remove unwanted body hair. It is noninvasive and utilizes a low-level laser beam that is tailored to the thickness of your hair, skin color and more. Laser hair removal will reduce hair growth by up to 95%. What is not to love then?

At Infinity Laser Spa we can help you remove all unwanted body hair. We use diode lasers that are safe and efficient on all skin tones and hair colors. The laser will target the hair follicle and damage them, thus stopping hair growth.

How Does It Actually Work?

Laser hair removal when transitioning is a long-term hair growth reduction method that can treat up to 95% of all body hair. It uses a principle called selective thermolysis. The laser gun will use a wavelength that matches a pulse duration meant to target a specific object without damaging surrounding tissues. The object here is the pigment in the hair.

During a laser session, the laser gun will produce light energy that will target the pigment in the hair. The melanin in the hair will absorb the light and send it down to the hair follicle. It will then turn into thermal energy and be anchored to the follicle. The heat damages or destroys the hair follicle, precluding it from growing hair in the future.

One session will be able to capture up to 20% of the hair on the target area. Why? Simply put, the hair growth cycle. Laser hair removal works only when the hair is in the anagen phase of growth. It is the only time hair and follicle connect, thus allowing the energy to travel from the former to the latter. 

The thing is, only 20% of all body hair is in the anagen phase of growth at any point in time. That is why a treatment is always at least six sessions. So that the hair gets in the right phase of growth and every single one is targeted at some point in the treatment.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal When Transitioning?

There are many reasons why you should choose laser hair removal. Transitioning from a male to a female can be a long and emotional process involving several physiological and cosmetic procedures to achieve the desired feminine appearance. Laser hair removal will simply be the cheapest and most effective solution.

It Is Cheap

Laser hair removal is cheap. It is a huge misconception that it is not affordable. Compared to waxing and shaving, it is much more cost effective. You would need to wax your legs, full face, underarms once a month basically forever. That is $100 (not included tax or tip) each month, so $1,200 a year. Multiply this by all the years.

Shaving is not much better. It is cheaper, sure, since you would have to buy the razor, cartridges and cream. However, the final sum would still amount to the thousands. Same for chemical creams. On the other hands, laser hair removal would require an upfront investment and one year of treatment.

At Infinity Laser Spa, we offer pre-made packages as well as custom packages in-store. You can thus get a good deal on the areas you are looking to treat. For example, six sessions of lower legs, knees and underarms costs $705.

It Does Not Hurt

Contrary to the common myth, laser hair removal does not hurt. Not only because “pain” is not the right word here. But also because compared to waxing, it is nothing. A walk in the park. Of course, pain is subjective. It will depend on each individual’s tolerance. But the sensation felt during a session is more than tolerable.

Laser hair removal when transitioning is no different. The sensation felt during a treatment is akin to a rubber band snapping at the skin very fast during the duration of the session. It could be compared to pinching or mosquito bites. Too quick to really feel pain and quick enough to forget about it.

It Works On Everyone

Another big misconception is that laser hair removal does not work for everybody. It is true that laser hair removal was deemed unsafe for people of color, but it is no longer the case. Indeed, a progressive laser development now allows laser spa to treat everyone regardless of skin tone, hair texture, color or coarseness.

That technology is the diode laser. It has a 1064 nm wavelength that is not as highly absorbed by melanin as other wavelengths. It deposits the energy deep into the dermis without relying on melanin to do so. Since it bypasses the epidermis, it is safe for dark skin. The ND: YAG laser can safely treat all skin types.

Diode lasers treat people with blond hair and fair skin as well. While the lack of pigment in fair hair may have been a problem in the past, it is no longer the case. During a laser session, the technician will choose the appropriate laser to match your skin tone, hair type, texture and color as well as treatment areas. Some areas are indeed more sensitive than others.

Why Infinity Laser Spa

Infinity Laser Spa is a safe space for people of all genders. We provide excellent treatments and great results at an affordable price from open and accepting technicians.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal Ideal For Transitioning?

There is no comparing laser hair removal with other hair removal methods. They may seem better, more convenient or cheaper at first but in the long term, laser hair removal is in for the win. It is perfect for large areas like the face, the legs, the chest and the back. Regardless of the hair color, coarseness and texture, the laser will be able to target the hair.

Sliding the laser up and down the treated area will allow to target the hair on the area fairly quickly, making the session shorter. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method that targets each hair one by one. Therefore, a session may be very long and an area may require a lot of sessions.

Everything the laser does is damaging the hair follicle. However, it will not damage the skin or surrounding tissue. While waxing and shaving will irritate the skin for example. One big difference once again is the pain during waxing.

There may be some sensitivity after a session for a couple of hours as well as some redness but they should go on their own. Although laser hair removal is not a permanent hair removal method, a lot of patients do experience permanent hair removal.

Does Hormone Therapy Replacement Affect The Treatment?

The hair growth cycle is mostly triggered by hormones. Therefore, undergoing hormone replacement therapy with your MTF transition will affect your hair growth pattern as well as laser hair removal. Your laser treatment may be a bit longer. You can absolutely undergo laser hair removal during HTR and therefore can do both at the same time. 

HRT can affect the hair growth pattern on some areas of the body only. It happens that people transitioning decide to undergo laser hair removal on very visible areas first, like the face. It is important that you communicate your medication history with the technician so that they have all information in hand.

You can undergo laser hair removal when transitioning before, during or after HRT. There is no risk in doing both together. Many who are MTF transitioning choose to come to us for laser hair removal prior to starting their HRT to give the process a jump-start. After all, the sooner you can get rid of your facial and chest hair the better!

If you still have questions, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our laser technicians!