Dear Loyal clients and patients,

First, we want to thank everyone for your amazing loyalty and support for Infinity Laser Spa.

We are happy to announce that as of Monday July 6th, Infinity Laser Spa is open.

You may schedule your appointment with our front desk or send an email at

Our new normal has changed. We must unite together, and help one another to preserve the health of all of us! We trust that you will appreciate some changes in our office. Infinity Laser Spa is a safe, compliant and healthy environment.

Safety protocols for our spa and staff:

-All employees must wear a mask and gloves, as per our hygiene guidelines even prior to COVID-19.

-Equipment is disinfected after each client, as per our hygiene guidelines even prior to COVID-19.

-None of our working staff has been infected by COVID-19

-Very frequent cleaning/sanitizing of all common areas to include but not limited to: Lobby, Front Desk, Patient Rooms, Restrooms, Etc.

Safety protocols for our clients:

-All clients must wear a mask in order to enter the spa. Clients must keep their mask on during the treatment, except for facials and face laser hair removal.

-No children are allowed in the spa and common areas.

-Hand sanitizer is available at our front desk at all time. Please clean your hands when entering the spa and prior to leaving.

-No food or drinks are allowed on our premises.

-Clients must practice social distancing and sit six feet away from each other.

-Although we accept all payment types, we prefer contactless payment in order to follow a “hands-off” protocol to help keep everyone healthy.

-If you feel sick, have flu like symptoms or suspect you may have been infected by COVID-19, call to reschedule your appointment.

Laser packages and treatments

We are extending all one year unlimited packages. Thus, customers will be able to resume their treatment where they left it off once we reopen. All clients will receive the sessions they have left in their package.

To ensure the results of your previous sessions are not disrupted, follow those aftercare recommendations:

-Refrain from shaving as much as possible as it promotes hair growth.

-Do not wax, tweeze nor pluck.

-Avoid any self-tanning products.

-Apply SPF 30 in case of sun exposure.

Let’s be safe together.


The Infinity Laser Spa Team