Laser Tattoo Removal
NYC at Infinity Laser Spa

Why remove your tattoo with Infinity Laser Spa?

Infinity Laser Spa offers top technology when it comes to laser tattoo removal in NYC. Not all lasers are created equal when it comes to tattoo removal: some lasers can’t penetrate the deepest layers of skin, or are only effective on dark links. Our Vertex Lasers penetrate your skin to break up the deepest inks and can be used to remove any number of pigment colors—including red, green, and sky blue—without permanently altering your skin’s natural coloring.

We promise you the best in customer care, personalized service and consultations, and promotions and deals throughout the year. Are you ready to get rid of your ink? Contact us today to schedule a consultation for tattoo removal in NYC.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Helping you remove an unwanted tattoo and get your skin back the way it was. The tattoo you wish you never had will be gone forever!

At Infinity Laser Spa, we offer laser tattoo removal in NYC. Our Vertex Lasers are the most advanced technology for getting rid of tattoos safely, comfortably, and effectively. Each tattoo is unique.

Thus, we will need to see you for a consultation prior to starting the treatment and decide the number of sessions you need.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

In the past, tattoos were considered a permanent decision—but thanks to new laser treatments and technology, you can get a tattoo you’ve always regretted removed for good. Our laser tattoo removal in NYC works by breaking up the ink pigment colors in your skin. When you first got your tattoo, the ink was applied with a needle deep in the skin, where the coloring was absorbed by skin cells permanently.

Laser treatments attack the ink coloring absorbed in your skin cells, breaking it up with a high-intensity light beam. After the laser has broken up the pigment, your cells will naturally remove the particles from your skin, and your tattoo will be gone. Depending on the size and location of your tattoo, several treatments may be required to fully remove the pigment from your skin.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

Laser tattoo removal is uncomfortable, but it does not damage the skin or leave a scar. You’ll be given a pair of protective eye shields during the tattoo removal treatment, and we recommend soothing the area with an ice pack afterward. Let us know if you have any questions about the treatment process.

Aftercare Guidelines

No Sun Exposure

- Stay out of the sun

- Do not over bandage

- Avoid hot tubs and sauna

- If you take a hot shower take a cooler shower for the next week

- Avoid exercise for a day or two, post treatment.

Skin Care

- Take bandages off in 1-3 hours post tx, let the area dry out

- Do not use Neosporin or any other antibacterial ointment unless advised

- If the area becomes irritated or itchy use a small amount of Aquaphore

- It’s ok if water hits the area in the shower; just make sure it’s not soaking.

Aftercare Cleaning

- Do not pick or scratch the treated area

- Keep it away from pets and small children

- Do not use any astringent soaps or cleaners

- Less is more

- Rinse daily with a small amount of cool water

Blister Care

- If the blisters get bigger than a dime, pop it at the base with s sterile Lancet

- With a clean tissue press out any accumulated fluid until flat

- Do not tear the blister be gentle and patient

- Blisters may refill; if so re-pop them with a lancet in the same area as last time

- The Blister may refill multiple times for the next two days


- Ice the area for 20 min increments

­- Keep the limb elevated for 24 hours

- Avoid salt and salty foods

- Do not over bandage

- Avoid heat

- Do not sleep on limb

- Contact your technician if you experience numbness or lack of mobility

Bra / Hip Tattoos

- For 3-days post treatment apply a Hydrogel Pad and a drop of pure vitamin E oil

- The Hydrogel pad will need to stay on for 2-3 hours each day, do not leave it on over 3 hours or the skin will become weak and over hydrated.

- Wear loose fitting close to avoid chaffing or irritation

- Wear a dry bandage over the tattoo if its rubbing on bra line or waistband.

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