5 Women To Honor During Women's History Month

5 Women To Honor During Women's History Month

Happy Women’s History Month! We here at Infinity Laser Spa know that women have paved the way for so many of us and we want to honor them this month. Women's History Month is definitely one for celebration!

For the entire month of March, we will be doing blog posts that cater specifically to the achievements of women throughout the decades. And the first up are 5 women who set the bar for women’s history. Are you ready to be inspired by the women that created history? Let’s get started!

Beverley Johnson

Beverly Johnson - Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show
Beverley Johnson

Birth: October 15, 1952

Place: New York, United States of America

Job: Model, Actress, Singer, Businesswomen

Who is she: The first Black woman to appear on the cover of American Vogue.

Beverley Johnson is a revolutionary indeed. In 1974, she broke down a barrier and an unfair beauty standard that Black women could not be on the covers of high end fashion magazines. Not only did she turn that standard on its head, she showed millions of women that looked just like her that they could be beautiful too. She continues her career by acting, modeling, and writing books.

Trina Parks

Trina Parks - Trina Parks Photos - Zimbio
Trina Parks

Birth: December 26, 1947

Place: New York, United States of America

Job: Actress, Vocalist, Dancer, Choreographer

Who is she: First Black Bond Girl

Next up is an actress that inspired so many that came after her: Trina Parks. Trina Parks was the first Black woman to star in a James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever. Parks continues to act and will always be remembered for the legacy she leaves.

Vanessa Williams

Sexy Vanessa Williams Pictures | POPSUGAR Celebrity
Vanessa Williams

Birth: March 18th, 1963

Place: New York, United States of America

Job: Actress, Singer, Fashion Designer

Who is she: First Black woman to be crowned Miss America in the history of the pageant.

Vanessa Williams needs no introduction. You have definitely seen her in your local movie theater or your television screen. But did you know that in 1984, she was the first Black woman to be crowned as Miss America? She continued to be an influence for Black women everywhere and her beauty is one we will never forget.

Jackie Aina

The Golden Age of Influencers Might Be Ending, but Jackie Aina Is Just  Getting Started | Glamour
Jackie Aina

Birth: August 4th, 1987

Place: California, United States of America

Job: YouTuber, Influencer, Makeup Artist

Who is she: First YouTube star to ever win the NAACP Image Award

If you are on the internet at all, you’ve definitely heard of Jackie Aina. This beauty influencer specializes in finding makeup brands that cater to every skin tone. She has partnered with makeup brands such as Anastacia Beverley Hills, NARS, and Fenty Beauty.

She has even started her own business called FORVR MOOD that specializes in home goods. She has been a positive influence on the beauty community for sure!

Veronica Webb

Veronica Webb - iconicfocus
Veronica Webb

Birth: February 25h, 1965

Place: Michigan, United States of America

Job: Model

Who is she: The first Black woman to have a major cosmetics contract

Veronica Webb is definitely a name you should know. In 1990, she was signed to Revlon cosmetics, becoming the first Black woman to sign with a major cosmetics company. She has also starred in countless films with Spike Lee, a major director in Hollywood. She continues her work by modeling and speaking to people about her experiences in the fashion and beauty community.

That wraps up our Top 5 list to start off Women’s History Month! Do you have role models that you think have set the bar for you?

Let us know in the comments! And let’s remember we don’t have to wait until March to celebrate women’s history! Until next time!

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