6 Reasons We Love Velvet Bio This Winter

6 Reasons We Love Velvet Bio This Winter


Let's be honest. Our skin is dry this winter. We always try to stick with a routine only to be left with cracked skin and dry lips after a few weeks. Learning how to take care of your skin and how to find products for your winter routine is universally difficult.

Lucky for us, Velvet Bio is here to help! Although it looks like winter is wrapping up, we still have 6 more weeks to go! Why not soften your skin underneath all of those sweaters and get ready for spring?

What is Velvet Bio?

Velvet Bio specializes in essential and carrier oils that are 100% organic and good for the body. Founded after a vacation to Morocco, husband and wife Boris and Olga were inspired to make a skincare brand that specializes in relaxation and a better life. These products (which are also 100% vegan) make you feel good about your skin, and the environment.

And what has Velvet Bio taught us about skin care this Winter? Here are our 6 tips for the softest skin underneath all that wool!

1. Understand The Difference Between Essential and Carrier Oils

Essential oils and carrier oils might sound the same, but they are very different indeed. Carrier oils are lightly scented or have no scent at all and are thicker in consistency. They are meant to dilute and transfer or “carry” essential oils to the skin or hair, and can be used by themselves without any supplementation. These are derived from the fatty part of the plant they come from, such as the kernel or the seed.

Essential oils are more potent in their scent and have a thinner or runnier consistency. These oils are meant to be diluted with a thicker carrier oil before applying them to the skin or hair. They are often derived from the leaf, bark, or roots of the plant and are highly concentrated and could irritate the skin if applied with no carrier. Always remember to dilute essential oils before using them.

2. Shower in Warm Water

We get it. It's very tempting to jump in a steaming hot shower after you’ve braced the cold to get home from work. But we would caution you to be wary of how often you are showering with mildly scalding water, as it can dry out your skin. The hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave the most important organ on your body parched.

We’re not telling you to drop hot showers altogether, but limit them to about once or twice a week. Showering in warm water is better for your skin, and allows those products you use to really soak in.

3. Don’t Rule Out Oils If You Have Oily Skin or Hair

We know. “Why would I put oils on my hair if I already have a problem with my greasy strands?” “I already have a problem with breakouts. Why add oil to my face?”

And we have the answer: Use the right oils for your hair type or skin type. Velvet Bio has a guide for each skin type that will tell you what oil is right for you.

4. Oils Seal in Moisture

This one might be hard to follow, but bear with us. Oils do not moisturize your skin, they seal in the moisture that is already there. So if you have been applying your oils to skin that is desperate for moisture, you haven’t been doing your skin any favors.

In order for an oil to seep into your skin, apply a light lotion to your skin or apply your oil after you have just gotten out of the shower. Supple skin here we come!

5. Add Oils To Your Bath

Looking to relax after a long day of work? A warm bath sounds like just what you need! If you want to add a little extra self care to your session, add a few drops of your favorite carrier oil or carrier and essential combination to your bath. You’ll get out of the tub feeling softer and smoother than before!

6. Essential Oils Provide Deep Relaxation

Bad day? Work stress? Hard commute on the way home? Just open up one of your favorite essential oils and breathe in deep.

Essential oils are great for aiding in relaxation and easing any tension from a bad day.

They offer emotional balance and reassurance and inspire deep relaxation and sleep. We recommend adding a few drops of your favorite into a steaming shower. A perfect way to wind down and end a busy day!


Velvet Bio has an amazon collection of products that are ready to help you achieve the soft skin you’ve been looking for! With their vast array of products, you are bound to find the product that is right for you.

And with these amazing tips, you’ll be on your way to soft skin before that first day of Spring. Do you use Velvet Bio? Well now you can get 15% off your next purchase with the code INFINITY15. Until next time!

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