Bridal Beauty Routine

Bridal Beauty Routine

Being a bride is exciting but also stressful and sometimes overwhelming. There are so many things to think about: the wedding dress, the registry list, the catering, the drinks, the guests, the venue, etc... How stressful. We understand why some hire a wedding planner for help. The ever ending to-do list... which does not leave your time for yourself. And even less time to dedicate to your bridal beauty routine. Then, how are you supposed to look your best on your special day?

Lucky for you, we at Infinity Laser Spa got you! We will break down your core beauty steps to make sure you are your most beautiful self on your big day... but also so that we can take some stress off your shoulder and so that you can relax a bit!

Laser hair removal

After all, that is what we do. Thus, of course, we had to put it there! Hair removal is at the back of the mind of any bride. That is something that is part of your bridal beauty routine but also your usual routine since you do it regularly. If you wax, you'll do it once a month for instance. It is an important step, we get it. Planning a steamy honeymoon and shaving every other day is not that appealing isn't it?

Let us change your bridal beauty routine and convince you to pick laser hair removal above any other hair removal method. You will thank us later. Laser hair removal is not only great when it comes to reducing hair growth but it is also great against ingrown hair. Overall, you will get a much smoother skin. Laser hair removal will require you to come in every six weeks or so for a new session. Since you are likely to start planning your wedding a year or two in advance, you also have a lot of time to start getting rid off your hair.

Do give it a year at list so that you can go through all your sessions and you can expose yourself to the sun on your honeymoon. It is indeed not advised to be in the sun in between sessions.

Dermatologist consultation

Since we are about to suggest you add facials to your bridal beauty routine, we decided to take it even further and go talk to a dermatologist. You want your skin to be clean, clear and healthy. If you are having skin issues, it is indeed best to go see a professional who will be best able to come up with the solution to your problem.

A dermatologist will analyze your skin, detect any issues there maybe and will develop an appropriate skincare routine that will help your skin. Do so as soon as possible as healing the skin takes time. A week prior to the wedding will not do anything. Instead, make sure you schedule an appointment at least a year before. Thus, you will give your skin time to improve but you will also have time to test the routine advised by your dermatologist. If it does not work, they can make adjustments.

Chemical peels

Now that your dermatologist may have prescribed you a skincare routine, let's move onto the next step of your bridal beauty routine. We are jumping to smaller beauty treatment here, such a mildly exfoliating chemical peels. Why mildly exfoliating? Because if your skin is sensitive, we want to avoid any irritation, redness or anything that might be too rough to heal before the big day. Especially if it is close enough. Some facials do indeed require more times for the skin to recover.

Although chemical peels do not require most recover time, we do advise to not wait until the last minute. One week prior to the wedding is the minimum. How many times will depend on your needs and preferences.

Deep cleansing facials

Next step of your bridal beauty routine? Giving particular attention to clogged pores and acne. However, your wedding day is not the right time to do that. You do not want to be struggling on the day, don't you. That's why we ask you to suggest a deep cleansing facial.

Acne is the results of hormonal changes and as well as everyday stressors. Even people with "good skin" struggle a bit with the hallmarks of acne into adulthood, including blemishes, pimples, and blackheads. Our deep cleansing facial, also know as "pimple bye facial", will fight inflammations, deep clean your pores, and restore your skin. Make sure you go the latest three months before your wedding. We also advise to do a facial every 4 weeks or so.

Eating habits

This one is like the F-word. So controversial. We are not trying to guilt-trip anyone. What matters most is that you feel comfortable and love your body. No talk of diet here. Never. Ever. However, we have to talk about the fact that what you eat impacts your skin. Of course, each skin is different.


Yet, if you were thinking of changing your eating habits, now is the perfect time and provides you with the best motivation. To be ready for your big day. And let's be honest, the weight you may lose by cutting sugar, you will makeup for it on the wedding night during dinner! So it's a win-win. Eat your greens, cut down sugar and drink plenty of water. And start a year before the wedding.

BB Glow Facial

And finally, last step of this bridal beauty routine, a BB Glow Facial. Have you ever heard of semi-permanent BB makeup coverage? But without makeup? That's quite the thing, isn't it? Imagine wearing no makeup and still get your skin to look glowing and flawless. That's basically what a BB Glow Facial does. The procedure mixes microneedling, a pigmented serum and deep moisturizing, making your skin look stunning.

The BB cream treatment also contains ingredients designed to give you a healthier and clearer complexion, including vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-aging properties. For great results, we advise to do 4 facials and have the last one no latter than two months prior to the wedding.

Were you taking notes then? Are you writing down your new bridal beauty routine and already thinking of that gorgeous skin in your wedding day?

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