Can I Get Laser Hair Removal While On My Period?

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal While On My Period?

Laser hair removal has become a very popular solution for people wanting to remove their body hair. After all, a laser treatment can achieve up to 95% hair growth reduction which basically means that you will not need to shave or wax ever again. As it is an aesthetic procedure, some questions may arise. One of them is whether one can get laser hair removal while on their period.

Like any other procedure, laser hair removal as pros and cons as well as contraindications. However, they mostly relate to medication, exposure to the sun and previous treatments. For example, it is ill-advised to undergo laser hair removal on the face straight after a glycolic acid peel. Pregnant women should not get laser hair removal. Beyond that, the procedure is very safe even when you are on your period.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is called a long-term hair growth reduction method. It can indeed reduce hair growth by up to 95%. Although a lot of patients experience permanent hair removal, it is not called as such by the FDA. The treatment is still very new, thus there is not enough research to confirm that it is indeed permanent.

Laser hair removal uses a concept called selective photothermolysis. In other words, the laser will select an object to target based on a specific setting. The laser gun will make a wavelength and pulse duration match to achieve such a result. The object target is of course the pigment in the hair.

The laser gun will produce a laser that will target the hair. The light energy will travel through the hair to the follicle. There, it will turn into thermal energy and damage the follicle. The heat will actually cauterize the blood vessel that was feeding the follicle. If the machine does not get fuel, it cannot function. If a plant is not watered, it dies out. You get the jist of it. The point is, the follicle won’t be able to produce any new hair.

Can anyone undergo laser?

Technically, anyone can undergo laser hair removal. Regardless of whether you are on your period, of your gender, age, skin color, etc. There are a few contraindications for laser hair removal. As briefly mentioned above, they mostly relate to medication, exposure to the sun, etc. For example, even though it is possible to go for a session in summer, patients should avoid tanning.

Even though the “ideal candidate” has light skin and dark hair, everybody can get laser hair removal. Sure, the sharpest the contrast between skin and hair, the easier for the laser machine to target the hair pigment. However, new laser technology now allows laser clinics to offer safe laser treatment to anyone.

The ND: YAG laser has a wavelength of 1064 nm. The energy can get through the dermis to the follicle without relying on melanin to do so. Therefore, skin color is not an obstacle to the treatment. People with dark skin can undergo the treatment. The same goes for fair hair on light skin, which would have the opposite problem. Too little pigment in the hair. However, here again, ND: YAG lasers provide a solution.

People with white and grey hair cannot undergo laser hair removal. Indeed, such hair does not have any pigments at all to target. Your period should not be an obstacle, but more on that later.

How do I save on laser hair removal?

It is a big misconception that laser hair removal is very expensive. It used to be, but that has changed. The treatment has become more affordable, mostly due to a supply increase. More laser machine manufacturers and more laser spas lead to a decrease in price. Competition is fiercer than before, forcing providers to offer better prices.

The cost of laser hair removal will vary on many factors: the place you go to, the size of the area, how many areas, how many sessions you need, etc. However, there are simple ways to save big on laser hair removal and make it very affordable. First of all, the more sessions you buy, the cheaper it becomes. It will always be more cost-effective to buy a six sessions package rather than one session at a time.

Then, clinics and laser spas often offer seasonal sales and deals. Those can really reduce the cost of laser hair removal. For example, at Infinity Laser Spa, we offer packages for one year of unlimited laser hair removal. Each package includes different areas. But the cost per session ends up being very low. You can check out our current sale to see our packages!

Can I go for a session while on my period?

Yes. Yes, you can get laser hair removal while you are on your period. Especially if you are not doing your bikini area. Your period is not a contraindication for laser hair removal. However, it may make the bikini area more sensitive to the treatment. Some patients may find the treatment more painful the week of their period.

It is also possible that the potential side effects of laser hair removal last longer while you are on your period. For example redness and slight swelling may take more time to fade away. Pain is also a subjective concept and will vary from one person to another. Although laser hair removal is not painful, your tolerance may be lower during your period. Then it may be a good idea to reschedule.

Laser hair removal will not have an impact on your menstrual cycle. Contrary to the myth, your hormone level will not increase and your period will not be more irregular. At Infinity Laser Spa, we will treat you when you are on your period as long as you wear a tampon. Should you be doing a Brazilian or bikini treatment of course. Being on your period will not influence the treatment either.

In conclusion

You can get laser hair removal while you are on your period. Your menstrual cycle will not influence nor be influenced by laser hair removal. As long as you wear a tampon, we can treat you. The treatment may be a bit more painful during your period but that is it.

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