CO2 Laser Treatment for Acne

co2 laser treatment for acne

Whether during teenage-hood or adulthood, acne is always an inconvenience and usually do not help with self-confidence. Mild acne can be treated with dedicated facials such as our "pimple bye" facial. However, stronger acne needs another sort of treatment. So today, we will talk to you about CO2 laser treatment for acne.

Is a CO2 laser treatment good for acne?


CO2 Laser is a type of laser treatment that renews the skin by destroying the top layer of the skin. The laser targets damaged skin to create small wounds, thus boosting the production of collagen and stimulate skin renewal. CO2 laser may sound scary but it has great results and works especially well on acne and acne scars. Although, it can also be used for many other skin conditions.

Does CO2 laser works on active acne?

No. We do not recommend patients to use CO2 laser as a treatment for acne breakout or fresh blemishes. However, once you notice that your acne is under control: redness is reducing, itchiness or pain is going away; you can schedule a consultation to see if it is the right time for your treatment.

Does CO2 laser treatment for acne works on acne scars?

CO2 laser treatment works especially well on acne scars. The CO2 laser removes the top layer of the skin boosting natural collagen production. After that the new skin layer regenerates, and you have a baby smooth skin. It is normal to have red and swelling skin during the process. Indeed, the top layer of the skin will turn brown and crusted, meaning it is ready to shade and be replaced.

Redness is common and normal. The redness will fully fade after two weeks but the usual downtime for the procedure is five to seven days. Once the redness fades, new collagen will be produced within the next few months.

Are there side effects?

CO2 laser usually is an ablative treatment, although fractional CO2 laser focuses on the top layer of the skin. We encourage you to consult with your doctor before making an appointment. However, the most common side effects include burning sensation, skin irritation, redness, skin numbness, skin peeling, changes in skin color, scarring, skin infection.

Book a free consultation with a technician before making an appointment to receive the best advice on which procedure to do.

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