Holiday Gift Guide For Him

holiday gift guide for him infinity laser spa
Finding the perfect Holiday gift can be very hard! We know that and we want to make this festive season as stress-free for you as possible. That is why we put up a Holiday gift guide for her together. Today, we are taking care of the mens with a Holiday gift guide for him!

Laser hair removal

A Holiday gift guide for him at Infinity Laser Spa would not be complete without laser hair removal! Which makes sense since we are a laser spa! And also because, as it turns out, a lot of men are indeed into skincare. A growing number of men is giving a go to manscaping so they may also be interested in undergoing laser hair removal!

A relaxing facial

Men are not immune to bad skin, stress and shadow under their eyes. 2020 has been a stressful year for everyone and we all deserve a little pamper. Even more so when killing two birds with one stone: a relaxing facial that also gives a glowing skin! At Infinity Laser Spa, we offer facial treatments.

A pair of rare sneakers

Does he like sneakers? Maybe he is a collector. Does he complain that he missed a huge release? Worry not! Halftime Kickz curates a selection of rare and highly sought-after sneakers that are sold out everywhere. You can get 10% off your order as well as free shipping with code “INFINITY10“. Chances are, whatever style has is having a crush on, Halftime Kickz will have it!

A new watch

Nowadays, people look at the time on their phone. Very true. However, that does not mean that the mens in your life may not want a beautiful watch around their wrist. After all, not only does it look good but it also gives a bit of an upgrade vibe. Like the professional or chic type.

A video game

That is if they already own a console, like a PS5 or a Switch. Because those are quite pricey so if you are on a budget, they may not be a good idea. However, games are much more affordable. Fortunately, there are also plenty of very entertaining options: Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Pokemon, Super Small Bross Brawl, and so on.

A brew bottle

Whether he is a coffee or tea drinker, a brew bottle is the perfect way to bring coffee to class or work. If he is more into iced coffee, this bottle will do too. A gift that works both in winter and summer. Plus, it is good for the environment since it is reusable and there is no unnecessary waste!

A breakfast sandwich maker

Seventh on this Holiday gift guide for him is a breakfast sandwich maker. Because it is super convenient and the promise of amazing breakfast! The bonus is that you get to enjoy it too if you share a flat! Who does not love some warm delicious breakfast sandwich. Make breakfast exciting again!

A new wallet

Not sure if you've noticed (and maybe it is a cliche) but men tend to wear or use clothes and other stuff until it breaks apart completely. Chances are, the same happens with wallets. They will not get a new one until the old one can no longer be used. And even then... it does make a very easy and affordable gift however!

A premium cocktail shaker kit

Yes, we know, we already had a cocktail making kit featured in our gift guide for her. But you know what? We think it is such a great gift that we decided to also feature it in our Holiday gift guide for him! I mean, think about all those cocktails that could be made with this shaker? This is the promise of some very entertaining evenings!

A game of Cards against humanity

Cards against humanity is the worst game ever. It is filthy and makes people uncomfortable but oh boy, is it funny! The combination of cards you can come up with are hilarious and sure, a bit gross, but it makes for a great evening with friends! Cards and board games are always a good idea! This is the end of our Holiday gift guide for him! We hope you will have found cool ideas and maybe a solution to a pressing problem! Indeed, Christmas is now just a few days a away so better hurry!

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