How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

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When life gets in the way, old decisions that seemed brilliant now don't seem so good anymore. It can also be that your tastes changed or that you simply got over it. Your tattoo. You used to love it, maybe you still do. But you also want to remove it. Or need to, because of your lifestyle. Do you know how much laser tattoo removal cost though? It is the first question that people ask. The price of laser tattoo removal. Not gonna lie, it is not small. It is a serious procedure with the highest standards of safety. It is also painful, just being transparent here, but we won't expand on that too long. Today, we are here to talk about how much laser tattoo removal cost.

Laser tattoo removal as a procedure will depends on many factors relating to your tattoo itself, of which we talked about already. The same goes for length of the treatment. And somehow, the cost of laser tattoo removal is also highly dependent on those factors. Make sense, doesn't it? Let us explain now.

How much does laser tattoo removal work?

One myth about laser tattoo removal going around the internet is that it is as easy as getting inked. First of all, do not believe that the pain will be any lower. Laser tattoo removal is painful. That is the hard truth. It won't be a one off either like it is to get a small tattoo. Laser tattoo removal takes time. You will need multiple sessions to make sure the tattoo fades completely. Now, let's talk about those factors influencing the cost of laser tattoo removal.

The age of the tattoo

How long you had your tattoo for probably is the most important factor to take into account. Mostly because thenewer, the more difficult it is to remove. A very fresh tattoo will be impossible to remove. Before you are getting inked, if you are already hesitant, take it as a sign that maybe you should not get a tattoo. Because, if you do get a tattoo and regret that decision, you will have to wait at least a year to remove it.

Even if your tattoo is one year old or so, it is still considered a fresh tattoo and will be difficult to remove. Thus, it will require more sessions, which will impact the cost of laser tattoo removal as a whole. Old tattoos naturally fade away with time and age, loosing and weakening pigments. The older the tattoo, the easier it is to remove.

The size of the tattoo

In some laser tattoo removal clinics and spas, tattoos will be grouped by size based on standard measurement and brakets. For example, a clinic's definition for a small tattoo is anything between one by one each up to three inches by three inches braket, well anything inthat braket will be considered a small tattoo. But what if your tattoo is 3.1 inches? that's right!

That is why at Infinity Laser Spa, we do not have brakets or specific measurements to give patients a quote. Instead, we insist on scheduling a free one-on-one consultation to make sure the treatment, procedure and price are customized to each particular case. Of course, the smaller the tattoo, the easier and faster to remove and the cheaper.

The color of the tattoo

As already established in our post on the six factors affecting laser tattoo removal that the ink used as well as the color of the tattoo can really impact the results of the procedure. Some pigments are harder to break than others. Such is a case for lighter inks such as white, red and yellow. On the other hand, black is the easiest to remove, and blue and green are not far behind.

When the time comes to choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic, you should aways enquire which machine they use or laser techgnology. For example, at Infinity Laser Spa, we use Q-Switch technology. This technology allows us to set different wavelengths that will break the ink particles as well as color pigments of all kind. However, again, the lighter the color, the harder to remove thus you may need additional sessions.

Know how much laser tattoo removal cost for you

As mentioned above, the best way for us to give you an estimate of the cost of laser tattoo removal is to schedule a free consultation with our tattoo removal specialist. If you would rather get onto it as fast as possible, you can also send us a photo of your tattoo at info@ Remember to include your tattoo history as well: age, pigments used, etc.

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