Is laser hair removal safe for your face?

Is laser hair removal safe for your face?

Is laser hair removal safe for your face?

We’ve all heard the saying “put your best face forward,” but sometimes extra hair makes us feel as though our true beautiful best is being hidden.

Perhaps you’ve tried removing that disagreeable hair in other ways, or perhaps you are only now seeing changes on your face. Laser hair removal may be the solution.

You present yourself to the world face-first; be confident in that presentation.

Fortunately, laser hair removal on the face is the one that can permanently, effectively and safely remove the facial hair, without the harmful effects that shaving or waxing can have on your face. This method works by targeting the dark hairs at the follicle and destroy it. Everyone can use laser treatment on their face without any hesitation. Laser treatments can be done on any part of your body including legs, chest, arms, bikini line and face.

On the face, Laser hair removal is safe and effective, but complete hair removal is not guaranteed.

Some people report seeing no hair return after 10 years or more. Others experience regrowth sooner and rely on annual touchup treatments to keep unwanted hair at bay.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a long-term hair reduction method that uses selective photothermolysis. The laser gun will match a specific wavelength to a determined pulse duration meant to target an object at the surface of the skin. Such technique will not damage surrounding skin tissues.

Despite the increased use of lasers, to date, few guidelines exist in terms of how to approach laser hair removal. Specifically, one must understand the mechanism of hair growth and how lasers work to target the hair follicle.

Your laser technician will map out and mark the area you want to be treated and provide you with goggles while also wearing their own.The laser gun will produce a beam of light that will target the pigments in the hair. Once the energy is in the hair, it will travel all the way through to the follicle, under the dermis.There, the energy will turn into thermal energy. The heat is what will damage the hair follicle, thus preventing any further growth.

What the thermal energy actually does is cauterizing the blood vessels that feed the hair follicles on the targeted area. Once the follicle no longer gets its fuel, it dies. Only a permanently damaged hair follicle will allow for permanent hair removal. Indeed, if the follicle manages to regenerate, it will produce new hair.

No contraindications for laser hair removal so far.


Using laser hair removal technology is a safe way to get rid of unwanted hair. Most people find the procedure to be quick and easily tolerated.

Laser hair removal relies on selective photothermolysis. It is a precise microsurgery technique. It targets tissue in a specific area. The technique matches the specific wavelength of light and heats the tissue and destroys it with a laser. All of this without affecting or damaging surrounding tissue.

During a laser session, a beam of light is produced. The light energy targets the pigments in the hair. Once the melanin has absorbed the light, it travels to the hair follicle. There, it turns into thermal energy. The heat damages the follicle. That is how it prevents further hair growth.

Laser hair removal can be performed anywhere on the face, such as the upper lip and chin. But you should avoid laser hair removal when removing hairs from around the eyelids and surrounding areas.

Many studies have been done to analyze both the effectiveness of laser hair removal and its safety.

A massive study treated 948 patients with laser hair removal over an eight-year period from 1997-2005. Their hair loss was analyzed during treatment, and they were also given follow up evaluations that lasted until 2015. The study found laser hair removal to be both effective and safe. The final report published in October 2019 in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine showed that only four of the patients reported minor long-term issues.

Laser hair removal can be used on any part of the body except for the area around the eye because of the possibility of eye damage from the laser. Because laser hair removal works by the hair absorbing the light, it is more effective with contrasting hair and skin (like dark hair and light skin). Temporary Side Effects You will experience some mild symptoms of skin irritation following the laser treatment. Redness and swelling are common and can be relieved by application of ice packs. You might also see changes in the pigmentation of the treated area

Instructions to Prepare for Facial Laser Hair Removal

When you decide your dermatologist from whom you will get the treatment, you will go for getting the instructions to prepare for the treatment. 

How long does laser hair removal last on your face? The results vary, and permanent hair removal isn't a guarantee with laser hair removal. 1 You should be hair-free for several months at the minimum—and some enjoy several years without hair. When your hair does grow back, however, it is often thinner and more sparse. 

Staying Away from Sun

You must stay away from direct sunlight in order to protect the hair follicles of your face. Avoid the sunlight, six weeks before the laser hair removal treatment. Try to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily so that your skin remains smooth. Don’t use the sunless skin creams because it will harm your facial skin.

Avoiding Other Methods of Hair Removal

It’s always wrong to use different methods of hair removal simultaneously on your skin. Skincare is very important. Electrolysis, plucking, waxing can disturb the hair follicles. They should be avoided almost 4 weeks before the treatment.


Trimming is a must before the laser hair removal treatment as it cleans the hair from your face. Trimming is preferable before getting treatment as hair is removed from your face and it is good for treatment. Follicles can be easily seen if there is no hair on your targeted area for treatment.

Avoiding Blood-Thinning Medicines

Don’t use any blood-thinning medicines or tablets before getting ready for the treatment. It is better to ask your doctor or dermatologist as what kind of medications such as aspirin or anti-inflammatory should be avoided before taking the treatment.

Is Facial Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Everyone is afraid of something and some are afraid of pain. The pain depends upon the body part, from where you want to remove unwanted hair. As the face is the sensitive area of your skin so the pain will be a little bit more than the other body parts. If you have a scale of 1-10 for measuring the pain (10 being the worst), then the pain of laser facial hair remover will lie between 2 to 8. The pain also depends on the thickness of your facial skin. Men feel little pain while getting laser treatment than women as their facial skin is hard. The upper lips are the most painful area for this treatment, but it doesn’t mean that it is not bearable. If you can bear the pain of wax on your face then the pain of laser is just nothing in comparison.ol

In short, laser hair removal on your face can be costly but it is effective for getting rid of your facial hairs. Don’t expect to get rid of this facial hair in just one session. Be prepared for about 6 treatments as these are normal. Facial laser hair removal does not work for everyone based on their tone of skin and hair. One must consult a dermatologist before getting the facial laser hair treatment so as to discuss all the important things that you need to know before the treatment.

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