Is Laser Hair Removal Safe While Pregnant?

laser hair removal and pregnancy

Hollywood movies sell pregnancy as one of the most beautiful things in the world and a key step in a woman's life. Sure, it is significant and life-changing, and each woman will live her pregnancy differently. What those movies tend to forget is that many things suddenly become off game when you are pregnant: some foods, some vegetables, drinking, exercising too intensely, etc. What about laser hair removal though? Is laser hair removal safe while pregnant? Because even what you do with your skin can be disrupted by a pregnancy.

Is laser hair removal safe while pregnant?

As of today, there aren't any studies proving otherwise. Thus, in theory, undergoing laser hair removal while pregnant should be safe. However, doctors highly recommend pregnant women not to undergo laser hair removal during pregnancy due to the lack of information about the effect on the fetus.

How does hair growth changing during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a moment in a woman's life that will hugely impact her body. Hormone are awash. Higher levels of estrogen and androgen can cause hair to grow in places where it never appeared before, especially in the third trimester. You may find hair on your belly while you never had it before. Since hair growth is linked to hormones and that hormones also do impact the results of laser hair removal, it is possible that you may see regrowth on an area that you had laser on before. However, it generally goes away once you are postpartum.

Other factors affecting laser hair removal while pregnant

When you are pregnant, the skin tends to be more sensitive due to increased blood circulation. Thus, any kind of hair removal will seem more painful than prior to the beginning of the pregnancy. You may also have to take hyperpigmentation into consideration, which might impact the effectiveness of laser hair removal.

How long in postpartum can I proceed with laser hair removal?

Since pregnancy will affect your skin sensitivity, pigmentation as well as hair growth, it is wiser to wait until you are post-partum and not undergo laser hair removal while pregnant. We recommend to wait until you are done with nursing. However, we do understand that a change in hair growth might be cumbersome for some women. In that case, we ask for a doctor's note giving you permission to do laser hair removal earlier.

What if I become pregnant after buying my laser hair removal package?

If you become pregnant after buying a package with us or starting your sessions, you can call us and freeze your package. You will be able to resume your treatment after being done with pregnancy and nursing.

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