Pubic Hair Removal For Men (Mankini)

Pubic Hair Removal For Men (Mankini)

Pubic Hair Removal For Men (Mankini)

A growing number of men are becoming aware of the importance of removing hair in and around the pubic region. In recent years, a lot of men have tried traditional methods of hair removal such as waxing and shaving; both of which have caused bothersome and uncomfortable sensations among men. What is most annoying for a lot of men is the fact that not only do they need to deal with excessive hair growth but with the dilemma of having their hair removed using these hair removal methods time and again.

Hair removal is not just a women’s thing. Of course, men do shave their beard and moustache. However, as it turns out, they are more and more trying out manscaping. Indeed, men do remove unwanted hair on their back, shoulders as well as mankini. Pubic hair removal is a delicate affair as this area is extremely sensitive. Thus, it requires extra care, which laser hair removal only can provide.

The French Bikini (Mankini) style of removing pubic hair is now popular among men. Those who are concerned with the aesthetics of their pubic region find the French Bikini a style that perfectly suits the delicate portion in the groin region. Instead of going bare, a lot of men who have not tried to get rid of their pubic hair in the past usually consider the French Bikini (Mankini) style for men first. Surprisingly a lot of men prefer this style and stick to it on the long haul.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal uses selective photothermolysis. This concept requires a specific wavelength to match a set pulse duration meant to achieve a desired result. Here, we are looking at hair growth reduction from damaging the hair follicle.

Indeed, the light energy produced by the laser will target the hair pigment. Then, it will travel all the way down the hair to the follicle, where this energy will become thermal energy. The heat will cauterize the blood vessel feeding the follicle, damaging it and making it improper for any more hair production.

Regardless of whether you undergo mankini laser hair removal or treatment on any other area of the body, it is the combined results of all the laser sessions that will allow for a thorough targeting of all your body hair. Why would you need six sessions (at least), you may ask? The answer is simple: the hair growth cycle.

Laser hair removal only works when the hair is in the anagen phase of growth. Indeed, it is the only time hair and follicle connect, allowing the energy to travel from the former to the later. Unfortunately, only 20% of your hair is in the anagen phase of growth at any point in time. Thus, one session will treat up to 20%. The other sessions will treat the remaining hair.

As of right now and according to the FDA, laser hair removal does not qualify as a permanent hair removal method. It is described as a long-term hair growth reduction method. However, a lot of our patients at Infinity Laser Spa do experience permanent hair removal.

What Is Mankini Laser Hair Removal?

The Mankini laser hair removal procedure is the safest and most effective way of getting rid of hair in the pubic region. In this case, hair from the navel region down to a man’s pubic area is totally treated with the help of a laser.

These treatments work using Photothermolysis – wherein the light energy from the laser is converted into heat, which damages the hair follicle. This is the reason why laser is the most effective male hair removal available.

As mentioned above, laser hair removal is a growing trend amongst men. Manscaping is not new but more and more men are looking to remove body hair around their intimate parts. Mankini laser hair removal, also known as Brazilian, is the equivalent of laser hair removal for women.

The mankini covers the front of the pubic region, the ball sacks as well as the area up the thong line. The treatment takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. Remember to come in clean-shaven to ensure maximum efficiency of the treatment and reduce risks of any side effects.

The mankini is a very sensitive area. Even though laser hair removal is not painful, the treatment feels like a rubber band snapping at the skin repeatedly. It may be uncomfortable depending on your pain tolerance. Hair around the pubic region is very coarse, thus you may need additional sessions to achieve satisfactory results.

How many men’s hair removal treatments will I need?

Laser hair removal for men can vary and will depend on the type of hair you have (hormonal, normal, aging). You will need a few permanent hair removal treatments, performed every 5-6 weeks until the follicle can no longer support hair growth. For best results, you may also need a couple of maintenance appointments annually following your completed course. As a bonus, laser body hair removal for men means your ingrown hairs will disappear from the very first appointment and you do not have to wait for regrowth to get treated again.

How To Prepare For Your Mankini Session?

Preparing for mankini laser hair removal is similar to preparing for any other area. You must shave the night before or morning of your appointment. If you have very sensitive skin, shaving may irritate your skin and make it more sensitive during laser hair removal. That is why we advise to shave the day before, so that your skin has the time to heal.

Take a shower prior to your appointment and remove any lotion, creams or moisturizers. If you are coming in for your first session, you must fill out our waiver form. If you have been taking antibiotics, you must wait at least ten days after stopping your treatment before going for a laser session.

To maximize the results of your session and ensure the treatment is the safest it can be, communicate with your laser technician. They should know about your medical history to ensure the treatment is safe for you (i.e. antibiotics or retinoids, which increase photosensitivity).

Will permanent laser hair removal for men hurt?

The Apogee laser also incorporates the use of the Smart Cool system by Cynosure. This system utilizes a “double cooling” technique which uses the body’s natural cooling process in conjunction with a specifically engineered external cooling system. The Smart Cool system is used with the laser to minimize patient discomfort during treatment. This makes laser not only the most effective hair removal technique available for men today, but also makes it quick and almost painless. After treatment, you can return to work straight away.

Why is laser hair removal the best alternative?

Laser hair removal is the best option if you are a man wishing to remove unwanted pubic hair for a lot of reasons.

First of all, it is cheaper. Yes, you read right. In the long-term, laser hair removal is cheaper than any other hair removal methods. Simply because despite a significant upfront investment, it is a one-time expense. On the other hand, you would wax once a month for many years.

Second, it is long-lasting. The results of shaving last two to three days. Waxing will keep your skin smooth for up to four weeks. Laser hair removal on the other hand lasts close to forever. Once the hair follicle is destroyed by the laser, it cannot produce more hair and patients will be hairless. Patients may need a touch-up session, especially on hormonal areas such as the mankini. But overall the results last much longer than waxing or shaving.

Third, laser hair removal has no downtime and very few contraindications. Side effects are very rare and avoidable if patients follow the proper aftercare recommendations. Laser hair removal helps to prevent and treat ingrown hair outbreaks and other side effects of waxing and shaving.

Fourth, laser hair removal is not painful. Waxing is painful, excruciatingly so when done on the mankini. Although pain is a subjective concept that will change from one person to another, the sensation felt during a laser hair removal is uncomfortable but tolerable. It feels like rubber bands snapping at the skin very fast.

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