Quick Facial Treatments: Facial Beauty Services In Less Than 30 minutes

quick facial treatments

New York City is a busy city and calls for a busy lifestyle. The latter requires quick facial treatments that must be effective, cost-effective, but as the name suggests, most important, fast! Unfortunately, when it comes to facial beauty services, you rarely find a good facial that is not too expensive and not too long. Worry not! We got you! We listed a few quick facial treatments, which take no longer than 30 minutes and that you can definitely do on your lunch break!

1. A carbon laser facial (Hollywood peel)

You should consider this quick facial treatment if:

-You have a sagging skin prone to fine line, crow feet and wrinkles.

-You have a dull and tired skin in need of a collagen boost.

-You have acne-prone skin, recovering from acne scares or in need of a god pore cleanse.

How does the procedure look like?

The facialist will apply a dark carbon mask over your skin and let it dry for a few minutes. Then, the aesthetician will proceed with an intense pulsed light also known as IPL. The dark pigment of the face mask will attract the laser, resulting in deep skin penetration. The laser will melt oil and skin impurities, making your face look and feel younger, as well as trigger it to boost collagen production.

Are there side effects?

A carbon laser is a safe procedure. In some rare cases, a patient may experience redness which will go after a few hours.

2. A LED Light Therapy Facial

You should consider this quick facial treatment because:

-The red light is effective on file lines and aging, since it stimulates blood circulation.

-The blue light is effective against cystic acne and blemishes since it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

-The green light is responsible for dealing with sagging skin, dark circles and hyperpigmentation.

-The yellow light treats redness and rosacea.

How does the procedure look like?

The LED light therapy will treat the skin with light, which is where its name comes from. Different LED lights will treat the skin in different ways and deal with a variety of skin concerns and conditions.

Are there side effects?

Our LED Light Therapy is safe and non-irritative treatment that do not have downtime and do not require any preparation.

3. An Express Lunch Facial

You should consider this quick facial treatment if:

-You are you fed up with a dull, tired, pollution-damaged skin.

-Your skin is dry, has blemishes, and looks unhappy.

-Your skin needs a facial with clarifying and hydrating properties.

How does the procedure look like?

The procedure consists in the following essentials steps:



-Mild exfoliation

-A customized facial mask


Are there side effects?

Before the facial start, the facialist will ask you about any allergies you may have as well as your expectations towards this facial. Thus, any ingredients at risks of irritating your skin will not be used. All the skincare products we use as part of any facial beauty service at Infinity Laser Spa are organic and natural. You may get back to your regular routine straight after the treatment.


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