Skincare Tips For Travel Addicts

Skincare Tips For Travel Addicts

Whether you are a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, there will be one thing that you will have noticed while hoping off the plane. Your skin feels and looks terrible. And it does not even matter if the flight is two hours or thirty hours long. The airplane environment is not skin-friendly. The cabin air is dirty and unnaturally dry. The change in humidity level is unsettling to the skin. Plus, traveling is sort of stressful, even for those of us who are most used to it. We all need the best skincare tips we can get.

While traveling, it is not surprising that the skin becomes compromised, which can lead to breakouts. Furthermore, when you are done with traveling and sitting in a stuffy aircraft, you still need to take care of your skin. Yes, even after you reach your destination. So much to think about indeed. Fear not, here are our best skincare tips for travel addicts to ensure your skin stay healthy and glowing even after a long flight!

Easy tips for healthy skin while traveling

Do: Pack small

If you are a flyer on a budget, you'll have a small luggage allowance. Even smaller if you just have a cabin bag. Thus, normal size skincare products will probably not fit in your bag nor be accepted on board. Indeed, the maximum liquid allowance per container is 100 millimeters. A packing tip (still amongst our skincare tips) is to find travel-size products. Or buy travel size containers and fill them with your skincare products.

If going for a long weekend or a week away, travel-size will be more than enough. Especially as women tend to wear less makeup while traveling. Should you go for longer gateway, you may take medium sized products with you. Reduce the amount of products you are taking with you by sharing with your partner or travel buddies what can be: shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

Don't: Change your skincare routine

Second of our skincare tips is to not completely change your skincare routine. Traveling may require some adjustments, but overall, it should stay fairly similar. It is better to carry on with products you know to ensure your skin does not have a bad reaction. If something is working, why change it all out of a sudden? Plus, some products need a longer usage before producing results. Changing skincare routine may hinder the process or get you back to square one.

While you travel, keeping a similar skincare routine and consistency are key to healthy skin. Fluctuation in skin may actually also be caused by switching products. Minimize the risks, stick to your usual skincare routine. When traveling, avoid heavy serums and oils as they can be acne producing nightmares.

Do: Focus on the essentials

Packing for holidays and travel is always tricky. However, the products you take with you will determine how well your skin fares. As mentioned above, you may not be able to pack all you need with you or in enough quantity. Thus, it is important that you really focus on the essentials. Make a list of things you absolutely need to bring against things you want to bring. Then, put each product from each list on a separate pile. Transfer to travel size bottles and look whether you have space left.

If you do have space left, you may add non-essential products. If you do not, try to see what essentials you can share with your travel buddy. Surely, if you travel with your partner, you can share shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste. Hand cream as well. Your accommodation may also already have some hygiene products. Some other you can buy there. An advice that sort of leads us to number four of our skincare tips.

Don't: Be too spontaneous

Spontaneity is great and fun. It will work for a long weekend. However, taking care of your skin while you are away from home, in unfamiliar territory, requires a bit more planning. You will need to know what to pack, in what quantity. Plus, you will need to coordinate with whomever is coming with you in order to reduce the amount of products you are taking. Planning will help know what is available at your accommodation and what you could buy there.

Of all our skincare tips, this one ressembles most to a packing tip. Knowing in advance the details of your travel will help you plan accordingly. Maybe you need travel-size products or to buy travel-size containers. It is also possible that you may run out of a product right before departure, and thus will need to buy a refill. Planning in advance will give you the time to get everything you need without stressing out and ensure you do not forget anything.

Do: Stay away from hotel soap

Although it is a good idea to research what products you accommodation may have available for their guests, it is also a good idea to avoid hotel soaps. They generally are not the best quality and can really impact your skin negatively. Since they are quite generic as well, they will not always be suitable for your face. Then, they can be really drying.

If you’re prone to sensitivities or allergic reactions, trying something new while you’re away from home isn’t the best idea. You may use hotel soaps for your body. However, avoid doing so on your face. If you were not able to bring facial soap with you, you may buy a travel size one upon arrival. If you use micellar water morning and evening as part of your normal skincare routine, do carry on. Micellar water cleanses the face much better than soap.

Don't: Forget sunscreen

Most important of all our skincare tips. And one that you must follow all year round. Even aboard a plane. Even more so if you underwent laser hair removal. UV-rays can be really damaging to the skin. Unfortunately, some skin damage is irreversible and can escalate in very serious ways. Better decrease the risks and protect your skin.

We recommend a SPF 50 or sunscreen for kids as they usually are much stronger. Winter or summer, if you are going to expose your skin, you need to protect it. Going skiing, both your face and lips must be covered in protective sunblock. On a trip somewhere sunny and warm (and even not), apply sunscreen to avoid sunburns. Avoid exposure when the sun is at its peak.

Do: Take care of your skin on the plane

They say it is not the journey that matters but the destination. Well, they are wrong. It is important that you take care of your skin even as you are on the plane. As said earlier, you are allowed to bring liquids into the cabin. That is where travel-size products come in very handy. As you wait before boarding, mid-flight or in transit, spending some time taking care of your skin is always a good idea.

Long plane rides can really dehydrate the skin. Apply a thick facial moisturizer prior to boarding to ensure hydration throughout the trip. You can also use hydrating sheet masks, under-eye masks, or facial mists while in flight. If it is an overnight flight, you may want to clean your face prior to sleeping. The rule saying that keeping your makeup on during the night as bad applies here too.

Don't: Stop treatments you may be on

This tip relies on several of the skincare tips we mentioned above. If you are on a specific skincare treatment, it is crucial that do not interrupt it. Indeed, a lot of treatments have cumulative or long-term effects. This means that you will not see results during the first few weeks sometimes even months. If a treatment has cumulative effects, it will need consistency to work. Interrupting the treatment mid-way will get you bak to square one.

Planning your trip will allow you to assess at what stage of your treatment you will be when traveling as well as where your stock of products will be at. Maybe it is a good idea to get a prescription for specific products now so that you are prepared. Then, you need to remember to pack the essentials first. Of course, your treatment comes first.

Do: Wash your hands frequently

The current climate probably makes washing your hands the most obvious thing ever. Yet, a reminder never hurts. While you should normally clean your hands no matter what, you must be extra attention while traveling. Planes are incubators. The air that circulates in the cabin is not new. Plus, you are in close proximity with a lot of people.

Washing your hands is the most important of travel skincare tips. Especially if you touch your face often. Planes and trains are basically breeding grounds for bacteria, and you definitely want to avoid transferring them to your skin. Travel with some hand sanitizer to ensure that you can actually wash your hands anytime you may need to.

Don't: Rely on makeup wipes

The last of our skincare tips but not the least. Makeup wipes are great to quickly remove makeup before you go to sleep, step on the plane or any other time. However, they are absolutely not enough to fully cleanse your face. You must not rely on makeup wipes to give you the proper clean your skin needs.

Indeed, if you are going to use a makeup cleansing wipe, still use a hydrating gentle cleanser afterwards. This will make sure you’ve removed the dirt and oil from your face. The ideal would be to not wear makeup while you travel. Indeed, lipstick will completely dry out your lips (due to the cabin dry air).

This is it for our top skincare tips for travel addicts. Whether you are at home, on the plane or on holiday, it is important that you take proper care of your skin. Your skin needs attention and care. You will thank us later.

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