The Benefits Of LED Light Therapy

The Benefits Of LED Light Therapy

Did you know? LED Light Therapy was originally never meant for the beauty industry. Indeed, it was developed by NASA to help grow plants in shuttle missions. After the procedure showed promise for wound treatment, it found new use.

Skincare is just one of them. LED Light Therapy is used by beauty specialists in many ways. To help regenerate the skin from aging for example. Or to treat a lot of other skin conditions.

The treatment has very little side-effects. It is also very safe. This explains why the procedure is so popular and performed so often. At least as a facial treatment.

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. Such lights have been in use since the 1960s. However, back then, they were not used as a skin treatment.

Indeed, LED was developed for growth experiments in space. Then, it was used by astronauts to help with tissue healing and repairs. Since then, the benefits of LED light therapy have proven to be manifold.

Different wavelengths used in skincare treatment allow to treat many different conditions. This explain why the method has grown in popularity so much.

It can help treat acne, reduce inflammation and promote anti-aging effects. A different wavelength will be used to penetrate the skin at different depths. The spectrum of light used does not include UV. Thus, there is no risk of damage.

LED Light Therapy works on all skin types and skin colors. It is safe for darker skin tones and will not cause any burning. It is a good situation if regular skincare products did not produce any good results.

How does it work?

LED Light Therapy uses infrared light at different frequencies or wavelengths. These include red and blue light frequencies. They do not contain UV rays and are readily absorbed into the skin. This penetration may trigger biological processes that help the skin rejuvenate and heal.

Red light

Red LED light is used to treat the epidermis or outer layer of the skin. It can indeed improve scarring and signs of aging such as wrinkles. Indeed, the epidermis absorbs the light that then stimulates the production of collagen proteins.

Collagen plays a big role in skin healing. As the body ages, it produces less collagen, thus showing signs of aging. Red LED light therapy will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also reduce skin inflammation.

Blue light

Blue LED light targets the sebaceous glands. They are small oil-producing glands in the skin, located beneath the hair follicles. Blue LED light therapy will make so glands less active. As a consequence, you may see less acne breakouts.

Blue light can also kill acne-causing bacteria. Thus, it can help treat severe acne pimples including cysts and nodules. Oftentimes, blue LED light is used in conjunction with red LED light to:

  • help treat acne
  • decrease scarring
  • promote anti-inflammatory effects

How to undergo a LED light therapy treatment?

There are several options for patients looking to try out LED light therapy. The first one is to book an appointment at a specialized spa or with a technician. A professional treatment guarantees that the procedure is safe and performed in the best conditions.

The technician can use LED lights or a LED want during the appointment. The patients will just have to lie down under the lights. Each session takes approximately 20 minutes. Up to 10 sessions may be needed depending on the severity of your skin condition.

You can book a LED Light facial at Infinity Laser Spa.

The cumulative effects of LED light therapy will product better results than one or two sessions.

Another option is to perform the procedure at home with a home device or a LED mask. At-home LED treatments can be more convenient. Indeed, patients will not need an appointment. However, the therapy may be less effective than professional treatments.

What are the benefits of LED Light Therapy?

LED light therapy uses different wavelengths. Thus, it is able to treat many different skin conditions but penetrate the skin at different depths. Such skin problems include:

  • Acne
  • Dull skin
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Scarring
  • Psoriasis
  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Signs of aging
  • Rosacea
  • Sun damage
  • Wound healing
  • Skin inflammation

LED light therapy does not use UV rays. It is therefore very safe. This is also why it is suitable for treatment on all skin tones

How much is it?

The cost of LED light therapy varies from one provider to another. The location as well as the size of the spa will have an impact. As you may need several sessions to reach good results, you may want to budget wisely before booking.

The cost of a single session can go from $75 to $200. Remember that most technicians recommend a 10 sessions course. This is something to factor into your budget.

Nowadays, a lot of spas will offer financing options such as installment payments. For example, at Infinity Laser Spa, you can pay in four installments with Quadpay or in six installments with Splitit.

A home-LED device will cost between $25 and $250. It may seem like a cheaper and more convenient option. However, the results will not be as good as with a technician.

One last thing to know is that LED light therapy is non-invasive. This means that the treatment has no downtime. Thus, you will not have to take time off work. Nor will you have to wait before going back to your daily routine.

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