The Ultimate Guide To Brazilian Hair Removal

ultimate guide to brazilian hair removal

Brazilian hair removal never sounds like good news. Proof is, you probably just cringed a little bit while reading that first sentence. Why? Because it reminded you of the last time you had a bikini wax done and how painful it was. Pubic hair is annoying. It is dark, it is thick, it is coarse. And more often than not, it is an uninvited guest at the beach, poking out of your bikini like it is nobody’ business.

Brazilian hair removal. Bikini hair removal. Pubic hair removal. Whatever you call it, it remains an unpleasant experience. Waxing is painful. Regrowth after shaving is itchy and inconvenient. You can never win. Good thing that when it comes to removing unwanted hair around your bikini area, laser hair removal fixes all your problems.

Brazilian Hair Removal Must-Know

1. Brazilian hair removal is not painful

Listen to us before you roll your eyes. Sure, Bikini hair removal is indeed very unpleasant when you wax. With another hair removal method such as laser hair removal, the sensation during the treatment is more than tolerable. Forget shaving and depilatory creams this instant also. Brazilian hair removal does not have to be painful.

Furthermore, it does not need to take up a lot of your time. Nor will you have to experience the most inconvenient regrowth with ingrown hair, red bumps and itchy skin. For example, take shaving. It feels like removing your pubic hair is easy business. Sure it may be. However, the hair will grow thicker and darker. Or at least give the impression that it does.

Shaving is quite aggressive to the skin: cuts, wounds and dry skin. Not a happy cocktail, especially during summer. Plus, you’d need to shave every other day. Hair removal creams? Just as harmful, packed with chemicals. Can you imagine removing hair on your full Brazilian with a razor or depilatory cream? As mentioned above, waxing is not that much better.

Not only is it time-consuming, but it is also expensive. If you think about it, you will have to wax once a month. But more on that later. Waxing has some other negative effects that we can all do without. Waxing really gives Brazilian hair removal a bad rap. At the end of the day, Brazilian laser hair removal is the best solution.

The treatment will not cause irritation, is not aggressive to the skin, has no downtime and has barely any side effects. Even though the sensation is not pleasant, it is very far from being as painful as waxing. It will feel like pinching against the skin. A full Brazilian session will take up to 25 minutes. You can expect to be rid of 95% of your pubic hair after 8 sessions.

2. It includes both front and back

Brazilian is a waxing term. Most laser hair removal patients did indeed start their hair removal journey with waxing. But it is a term that remains and that defines that concept of removing unwanted hair around the bikini area. Of course, each laser clinic will have their own definition of the areas they treat. That is also true for Brazilian laser hair removal.

For example, some may call the large triangle that forms the bikini front the Brazilian. Some other places will also include the bikini line in their Brazilian. At Infinity Laser Spa, we apply the common interpretation of Brazilian hair removal. That is, you get the full package. A full Brazilian laser hair removal package treats the bikini front, the bikini line, the inner lips and the inner buttocks.

That way you get smooth skin both at the front and at the back. Should you decide to treat additional areas, like the extended bikini line, we also offer such packages. While the bikini line, included in the full Brazilian, covers one finger out of the triangle. The extended bikini line covers four inches out and therefore offers more coverage.

3. Brazilian hair removal offers long-term hair growth reduction

Are you already ready to wave goodbye to razor burns, shaving creams, depilatory creams and waxing? Because that will come true the moment you decide to try Brazilian laser hair removal. Sure, you will still have to shave. Indeed, to ensure the safety and efficiency of each session, patients must shave the treated areas a few hours before.

The longer the light must travel to the follicle, the more energy it loses along the way. Long body hair reduces the efficiency of the treatment. They also increase the risks of burnings and scarring. However, because of the very nature of laser hair removal, you will not experience any more itchy and uncomfortable regrowth. You will also see less ingrown hair. Let us explain.

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method that reduces hair growth by up to 90%. The laser emits light energy that targets the pigments in the hair. Once it is absorbed by the melanin, the energy will travel down to the hair follicle. The light will turn into thermal energy and damage the follicle beyond repair. Thus, the hair follicle will not be able to produce new hair.

Laser hair removal only works when the hair is in the anagen phase of growth. It is the first time in the hair growth cycle. It is the only time when the hair and the follicle connect, letting the energy travel from the former to the latter. As 20% of all body hair is in the anagen phase of growth at any point in time, one session can treat up to 20% of hair.

It is the combined effects of successive sessions that will lead to a successful Brazilian laser treatment and to hair growth reduction. Some patients will need more sessions than others. This is due to many factors: skin types, skin tone, skin color, hair color, genetics, etc. Hormone levels are another factor. The hair growth cycle is triggered by hormones and the Brazilian being a hormonal area, it can take longer to treat.

Patients can see results even after a few sessions. Hair grows sparser, thinner, lighter. Although patients should still shave prior to each session, they will less and less feel the need to shave otherwise. Brazilian laser hair removal can remove up to 90% of bikini hair and offer a close to permanent hair removal solution.

4. A laser treatment is not that expensive

One huge misconception about laser hair removal is that it is very pricey. Just like any other upfront investment you must make, it may seem so. However, in the long term, the cost will end up much lower. In the long-term, laser hair removal is very affordable. Even more so when it comes to Brazilian hair removal as the area is very easy and quick to treat.

Let say a Brazilian wax costs you $35, excluding tip and tax. Now, six sessions of full Brazilian, thong line and extended bikini costs $575. The cost of your permanent full Brazilian laser hair removal will equal two year of bikini waxing. In the long run, laser hair removal is much cheaper than waxing.

If you cannot get your head around the cost of laser hair removal, think about the time you spend waxing. A bikini wax probably takes twenty to twenty-five minutes to complete. Thing is, you will have to get a bikini wax every single month for a good fifty years. Just so you know, that is $15,000 in total. On the other hand, laser hair removal is a one-year treatment. You come for your six to ten sessions once every six weeks for a year.

And then you are done. No more hair growth, no more stressing out because your bikini is not done and perfect. No more pain! Do you imagine? And a lot of money saved! In the end, not only is Brazilian laser hair removal cheaper than any other hair removal method, but it is also more convenient, more comfortable and faster!

How many sessions for laser hair removal Brazilian do I need?

Our Brazilian hair removal package includes six sessions. Each must be six weeks apart. This is because of the hair growth cycle. Laser treatments only work on hair that is actively growing.

The growth phase of the hair cycle is called anagen. It is the only time the hair and follicle connect. This allows the energy to pass from the former to the latter.

Since 20% of your hair is in the anagen phase, one session can target 20% of hair. Each successive session will treat an additional 20%.

The bikini is a very hormonal area. The hair is darker, thicker and coarser. It is harder to remove. Thus, patients are likely to need additional sessions.


Does Brazilian laser hair removal hurt?

Waxing hurts. A lot. Especially around the intimate area. We’ve all been through this. Full Brazilian laser hair removal on the other hand does not.

No, let us rephrase. Pain is not the right term. A Brazilian laser treatment feels like pinching. Or it can also be compared to the feel of rubber band snapping at the skin.

You may feel some heat too.

Laser hair removal does not hurt. It may feel unpleasant. Yet, it is mostly comfortable. The bikini has very sensitive skin.

Thus, the treatment may be more unpleasant. Some aloe vera gel will help sooth your skin.

Laser treatments are also very safe. Like any other cosmetic procedures, it has risks. However, those are very rare. You can also easily avoid them.

You just need to follow your technician’s instructions

In Conclusion

Brazilian hair removal sounds like a scary thing. Because it sort of is. And it is also painful and expensive. However, with the right hair removal method, you will get amazing results within a year. That is why you need to try Brazilian laser hair removal! If you are still hesitant, you can always book a free consultation with a certified laser technician! They will answer all your questions! Otherwise, you can book your first session with us now!

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