What is the Best Age for Laser Hair Removal? 

What is the Best Age for Laser Hair Removal? 

Everyone has body hair—it doesn’t matter whether you’re 16 or 116. While it’s evident that everybody has body hair, everyone’s body hair is slightly different. Your genetics play a significant role in determining the color and coarseness of your hair. Young people start noticing their body hair from a young age; many kids express wanting to remove their body’s hair to boost their confidence. 

So, what age is the best for laser hair removal? While a young child should undoubtedly hold off on getting laser treatments, there are some cases when teenagers might opt for laser hair removal. Let’s discuss the recommended minimum age for laser hair removal (and when it's most effective): 

What is the Minimum Age for Laser Hair Removal? 

Sometimes, young children and preteens express interest in laser hair removal. If you’re a parent who recently began researching this semi-permanent hair removal method, you might be wondering why your child is already thinking about this. 

Here’s the thing: celebrities and the media are raving about laser hair removal. Popular artists like Cardi B post to social media about laser treatments; The Kardashians have even filmed scenes for their popular television show at laser spas. Young people look up to celebrities in the public eye—your child may be thinking about laser hair removal because their favorite celebrity has spoken about it.  

The Cut released an article titled “Should Teens Get Laser Hair Removal?” that included interviews with moms living in Manhattan. Children’s fashion designer Bonnie Young admitted that she appreciates that most of her young models have received laser hair removal. Still, she was apprehensive when her 13-year-old daughter asked for it. The young girl said that everyone at her downtown Manhattan school was getting laser hair removal. 

In the same article, dermatologist and clinical researcher Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas only had one thing to say about whether she’d allow her fifteen-year-old daughter to get laser hair removal: “The moment she says the word, she can be zapped!” Ultimately, the decision to get laser hair removal is between a teenager and their parents. 

It’s completely safe for someone who has hit puberty to get laser hair removal. If your child is expressing lasering off their hair and they haven’t hit puberty yet, we recommend other hair removal methods for now. 

So, is there a minimum age for laser hair removal? Technically, there’s not. Every laser spa has a different minimum age. It’s difficult to give a specific minimum age because everyone hits puberty on their unique timeline. Most biological females hit puberty between the ages of eight and thirteen; most biological males hit puberty between ten and thirteen.

This doesn’t mean that we believe an eight-year-old who hit puberty should get laser hair removal. Generally, we suggest the minimum age for laser hair removal to be thirteen or fourteen. 

While it’s safe for teenagers to get laser hair removal after puberty, we don’t recommend this hair removal option until parents feel their teenager is mature enough to understand the process in its entirety. 

Simply put: the minimum age for laser hair removal is dictated by parental consent, the child’s consent, the child’s maturity level, and whether they’ve hit puberty. 

What Age Is Best for Laser Hair Removal?  

There’s a difference between the minimum age for laser hair removal and the age when laser treatments are most effective. While your 14-year-old can potentially get laser hair removal if they meet the requirements discussed above, it is not the most effective time to start these treatments. 

Young teenagers have raging hormones that are rapidly changing; one of the major side effects is rapid hair growth. Since these hormonal changes impact hair growth, the most effective time to start laser hair removal is after eighteen. The results are more long-lasting when significant hormonal changes aren’t at play! 

Does this mean you can’t begin laser hair removal when you’re younger or older than eighteen? Of course not! 

Laser hair removal works well for young teenagers who feel self-conscious about excess body hair, although the results aren’t as effective. On the contrary, laser hair removal for people in their 20s and 30s is beneficial because bodies are still producing lots of body hair at this time. Body hair starts to become thinner and more sparse around our 50s and 60s. 

Women's Health covered how body hair changes over time: “Since hair becomes thinner and loses pigment (or color) with age, many older people are no longer good candidates for laser hair removal, which works by ‘chasing’ down pigment in the hair.” While laser hair removal won’t be as effective in certain areas of the body then, it will become more effective on the face. That’s right—facial hair becomes more common in older men and women as we age! We currently offer one year of unlimited laser hair removal on one small area for only $99 (which is perfect for a specified area on your face). 

When Should You Start Laser Hair Removal? 

Laser hair removal is a personal decision—unless you’re a parent of a teenager. We’re not a parenting blog, so we’re not going to offer unsolicited advice. We’ll just say it’s safe for a child to get laser hair removal after puberty, but your teenager will need your parental consent. 

On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to push them to wait until they’re an adult to begin laser hair removal treatments. The results will last longer, and they’ll likely understand the process better. 

If you’re an adult, you can start laser hair removal whenever you’d like. It’s helpful to remember that results will be more effective the earlier you start the process. Once your hair grows thin and gray, it’s much more difficult to get the results you want. 

Ready to throw away your razor or cancel your next waxing appointment? Our NYC laser hair removal spa is currently offering fantastic laser deals that you don’t want to miss out on. Age doesn’t matter—you have better things to worry about than managing your body hair. Book your appointment today! 

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