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How to find a good laser hair removal specialist?

Finding a good laser hair removal specialist is like finding any specialist in the beauty, wellness or health industry. It is hard work and it is time-consuming. When you trust professionals with your body and well-being, you want to make sure they will be up for task. Thus, we get that it may seem scary at first. Fortunately, we know the drill and we are here to help you choose the best laser hair removal specialist for you!

1. Do your research

The beauty of the internet? You can find anything. Your questions will always have an answer. Although not always acurate nor correct. Thus, do not put all your eggs in the same baskets and do go explore the internet. One place might offer answers, but it is great to have a diversity. Google, yelpGroupon are great when it comes to researching laser hair removal.

First, you will be able to see the services availabele in your area. Second, you will see reviews from past and current customers, which will help you form an opinion on the place. Social proof is quite important when it comes to choosing a service, so look out for those bad or fake reviews. Third, you will also be able to find deals and promotion, making your laser hair removal treatment more affordable!

Infinity Laser Spa uses only true customers reviews and we always make sure that our clients provide as much descriptive feedback as possible. 

2. Ask your friends

Right. This one may sound obvious. However, we do often forget that are friends probably have either the same tastes or same standards when it comes to services. They are likely to go in the same places as well. What they liked, you will probably like too. Your friends’ opinion will also be truly honest. Friends’ referral are great to pick a good laser hair removal specialist, and bonus, you might even get both a discount for it!

3. Listen to trusted influencers

Influencer marketing is so big these days that a lot of companies in different industries use their services to increase visibility and brand awareness. Influencers may be invited to try out a place or pick a place to go to themselves. And again, they will be honest about their experience, thus helping you to decide where to go.

Most influencers do not work on sponsored collaborations with brands and places they do not like nor trust. This is even more true for laser hair removal clinics. They are putting their skin in someone else’s hands. Thus, if you see them going to a particular spa, do not hesitate to reach out to ask questions about the place, their experience, the results.

4. Ask your dermatologist

You may or may not know this but laser hair removal is still fairly new. Some studies have been conducted but not enough to know the procedure inside out and be able to rpedict every single side effects it may have. After all, many factors can affect laser hair removal such as skin tone, skin sensitivity, medication, skin conditions, etc.

And who better to know your skin and give advice than a dermatologist? They might give you recommendations of places to go to and advise against it due to your skin tone, sensitivity, etc. It never hurts to get an expert’s opinion if you are not sure.

5. Schedule a consultation

Do you have a good feel about a place? Are the reviews goos? Has a close one tried it out before? Spas usually offer a free consultation before the actual treatment to make sure all your questions are answered and the technician can perform the treatment in the best and safest way for you. Infinity Laser Spa offers a complimentary consultation. It is great for your laser hair removal technician to see your skin but also to establish a bond. Laser hair removal is a private matter,  and of course, you want to work with someone who understands YOU and YOUR NEEDS.

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