How To Make Laser Hair Removal Affordable?

How To Make Laser Hair Removal Affordable?

What is the first misconception about laser hair removal that first comes to mind? The cost! The cost of laser hair removable deemed to be very high. Of course, the price always has an impact when making a decision. That's why people usually cross laser hair removal off their list. However, if you think about it long-term, the cost of laser hair removal is not that high. But even short-term, you can make laser hair removal affordable! And we are going to show you how!


1. The cost of waxing or shaving


So you decide to remove your body hair. You do have a few hair removal methods available: shaving, Nairing and waxing (or sugaring). Considering their respective cost is either low or acceptable in the short-term, you might think that those methods will do and that the cost of laser hair removal really is too high. However... let's make some calculations.


The cost of Shaving


A good razor costs around $20. For hygiene and efficiency reasons, it is advised to change the razor cartridge once every for weeks. That's going to be $35 for a year worth of cartridges. If you use shaving cream, you will pay between $7 to $20 per bottle. Let's say that amounts to $100 a year if you are a woman since you will probably not use it everyday. You will spend $155 over a year, $1,550 over ten years, $3,100 over twenty... And since shaving do not help hair reduction at all and actually make the hair looks darker and thicker, chances are you will shave for a very long time. The bill will then ad up!


The cost of waxing


This bill will be even more painful. The main reason why waxing is so much mor expensive that shaving is that it usually requires doing it at a waxing salon. And that costs money. Let's say you want to do the usual full legs, Brazilian, underarms and upper lip combo. On average, and without including tax and tip, the treatment will cost at least $90. On a monthly basis. Twelve months in a year make the bill go to $1,080 per year at least.


The cost of waxing is sensibly higher since you still need to add the sale tax and the tip. As opposed to shaving, waxing does contribute to hair growth reduction and make the hair looks thinner. However, chances are you will have to do it for at least twenty to thirty years consistently to actually see obvious growth reduction. Which will cost you at least $21,600 but probably more than $30,000. Plus waxing is rather painful and may have some side effects that you need to keep in mind.


Do you believe us now when we say that affordable laser hair removal exist? Not yet? Well, you need more proof. Fair enough!


2. Laser hair removal as a healthy skin investment


Since we have been speaking cost of hair removal and proving that the long-term investments of shaving but mostly waxing were considerable, let's talk about laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is an investment. And a big one in the short-term since you need to pay upfront while relying on long-term results.

Putting all money considerations aside, what would you choose?


A mild discomfort every six weeks for eighteen months and be hair free?




Enduring the pain of waxing or wounding your skin with shaving frequently?


Let's be honest, it goes without saying that not taking into account the cost of laser hair removal, it it this method that wins! As surprising as it may seem to some, laser hair removal is growing popular amongst the male demographics. They are tired of shaving, or razor cuts, of having to shave every morning. That is why many male customers at Infinity Laser Spa chose laser hair removal for their beard area. Meanwhile women grow tired of waxing their bikini area and suffering from ingrown hair. We would not blame them.


Think of laser hair removal as an opportunity. You will have to go through 6 to 12 sessions depending on the areas you wish to treat, your hair growth cycle, skin tone, etc. However, once the treatment is done, you will see hair growth reduction to up to 90%. Most people see permanent results. Again, we did agree that laser hair removal is an investment. A big one at that short-term. But let's make another calculation shall we.


Six sessions of full legs hair removal, full Brazilian, underarm and upper lip cost a grand total of $3,658. It is because we added the individual price of each procedure together. And seen like this, it still seems like a lot of money. However, it is possible to make laser hair removal affordable. And we are explaining how below!


3. How to make laser hair removal affordable


Forget about single sessions


If you buy one session one by one, the costs will add up. You will eventually end up with a bill that is rather high. What we always suggest is buy several sessions for the same area at once, thus making it a package. At Infinity Laser Spa, we reward customer loyalty and trust. The more sessions you buy with us, the cheaper the single session becomes. Except if you are buying touch ups sessions after the end of your first laser hair removal package, you probably already know that you will need at least six sessions in your treatment so better get them all at once for the start!


Watch out for seasonal sales


Laser hair removal is all about timing. You want smooth skin before summer. How do you get summer ready on time though? Since laser hair removal is a process that takes one year up to eighteen months, we'd rather start early on. The best time of year to start is September or October when you are back from holiday and your tan is fading away. Then you will be able to take advantage of back to school or Black Friday sales. Then will come the Holidays, winter sale, Valentine's day, etc. We either offer discounts or make new super competitive packages combining a few areas, making your laser hair removal affordable. We also have cheaper laser hair removal packages on our website all year round. Our two small areas and one area package is the most popular of them all for example.


Be on the look out for other promotions


More and more spas work with influencers to help them promote their services. Those influencers will likely be given a discount code to share with their followers. That's one way to get a discount on laser hair removal. Discounts are available in other ways. You get 15% off your first online purchase with us when you sign up to our newsletter. Some laser hair removal spas in NYC have a referral programs, like us. When you successfully refer a friend, they get a discount and you get store credit to spend on your next treatment.


4. Things to know about laser hair removal


-The average laser hair removal session takes 15 -30 minutes, depending on the size of the area.

-We use diode laser technology which is less painful than other laser machines.

-Our machines works on all skin tones and complexions.

-Laser hair removal is gender neutral.

-You will see significant hair growth reduction within a year.

-You might need to shave between session but less and less frequently.

-Laser hair removal has no downtime.

-Apply a strong SPF between each laser session.


So, did we manage to convince you to ditch waxing and switch to laser hair removal? Pretty sure we did! Do not waste time! Book your first session now1


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