How to Treat Acne Scars

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Acne Scars are not a lost cause!

Acne was for long thought to be a skin condition of teenagehood that you eventually get out of as a full grown adult. However, this is not always the truth. A lot of persons, women and men alike, still suffer from acne and acne scars long years after they are done with puberty. Indeed, acne can be the results of a lot of things, teenagehood being just one of them. Indeed, hormonal changes, external stressors, the pollution and harsh environment can cause acne.

While acne may go on its own or be reduced with medication, it may leave acne scars in its wake, ruining your skin. Such acne spots usually are very difficult to remove and can really have a toll on one’s confidence. The good news is there actually are a few procedures which can help you treat acne scars.


Microdermabrasion is a facial that we offer at Infinity Laser spa and that can really help with acne scars. It is an exfoliation treatment that is performed with a diamond tip. This tip will remove the top layer of the skin. This facial is quite mild, thus perfect for very sensitive skin. No numbing cream is required. It is also suitable for all skin types and skin tones. Microdermabrasion can also really help in skin resurfacing and to remove dark spots, heal sun damage or even reduce the appearance of fine lines and stretch marks.

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We advise patients interested in a C2O Fraxel treatment tok a free consultation prior to going for their first session. The technician will be better able to assess what intensity of treatment the patient should get as well as check whether there are any contraindications (i.e. certain medications).


A microneedling treatment is another facial treatment that can help you remove acne scars. It mostly focuses on boosting collagen and the skin renewal procedure. During the facial, microneedles will penetrate the surface of the skin, thus producing micro-wounds which will stimulate the skin to heal and produce new cells. A microneedling facial is also referred to as a vampire facial due to the tiny blood spots showing on the surface of the skin. However, those tiny wounds heal pretty quick.

The facial will require a numbing cream to ensure you do not feel pain during the facial. You may require that a serum be apple for extra benefits. Indeed, the microneedles will help the serum penetrate the deeper layers of the skin better. Due to the very nature of this facial, downtime is two to three day, with a very sensitive skin.

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Chemical Peel

A chemical peel or carbon laser peel is another facial treatment that is very efficient on acne scar. As opposed to the two previous facials, this one will use carbon dioxide on the face and a laser. A chemical peel is a chemical solution that is applied to the skin. It is then peeled off after some time. The materials in the carbon mask will attract dirt and impurities, removing detritus off the skin and cleaning pores. The skin will then look smoother and free of any debris. 

A chemical peel can have different concentration so you must talk to the laser technician about your skin concerns as well as prior medical history so that they can tailor the treatment for you. Downtime varies depending on the strength of the carbon laser peel. Redness goes away after a few hours.

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Fractional CO2

Fractional CO2 laser or Fralex laser treatment is the most painful of all four treatments, yet the most effective. It is a partially-ablative laser treatment that will enable skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation as well as acne scars removal. The laser will burn the top layer of the skin, speeding up the skin renewal process, boosting collagen, stimulating skin cell production. The laser will mostly affect surface-level skin tissues.

Fractional CO2 laser is quite an intensive facial treatment, thus it is a very long downtime. You must prepare for at least two weeks up to three weeks of healing. The skin will be very red, peeling and you may feel some discomfort. But the results will be spectacular.

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Please remeber...

Whatever it is you decide to proceed with, always make sure you consult with the facialist first. Everyone’s skin is different and so is yours. Thus, it is important that you both decide what treatment is right for you. You may schedule a free consultation or fill out or skincare analysis.

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