Infinity Laser Spa

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What do we do?

Laser Hair Removal.

And it is the #1 way to remove unwanted body hair, with permanant results.

And it only takes a few 10 minute appointments.

☑️ No ingrowns
☑️ Not expensive
☑️ Permanent Results

You never have to shave again, or go through another painful waxing appointment.

Instead, you visit our Spa for 10 minutes every 6-8 weeks.

Sound amazing?

Surprise for you at the end.

Brazilian + Extended

$̶2̶2̶7̶5̶ $575

Brazilian, Armpits & Face

$̶2̶7̶5̶0̶ $625

Full Legs, Bikini & Armpits

$̶3̶1̶2̶5̶ $1375
Exclusive Offer

Full Lower Body

One time offer for six full sessions on every body part below the waist.

6 x 10 areas = 60 Sessions!

Includes: Full Brazilian (incl. Inner buttocks and extended bikini line)/Mankini, Full Buttocks, Full Legs (upper legs, knees, lower legs) and Feet

This is over $5000 in laser hair removal services, and we offer it for a heavy discount.

But it's only for today.
This price cannot be guaranteed unless purchased today.

Price: $1,800
Four $450 payments with Shop Pay.

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Don't be worried if you have some questions on these packages.

Answers to some of the more common questions will be answered below.

And I will include our contact information so you can talk directly with our staff.

Need help?

Simple :) Fill out the waiver form after making your purchase. Then, give us a call or email.


(347) 385 – 1426

Most of you will see results after your first sessions. Others it takes 2 or 3.

The entire process is very individual, and varies based on your natural hair type.

We are always available to chat with if you are concered about it.

We reccommend 6 to start. Which is why every package we sell includes 6!

Sometimes you may need more, but that can be discussed with your technician after you finish your first set.

We offer free consultations either over the phone, or in-person.

Give us a call, or email us and we can get all your concerns covered.

Consultations don't require a purchase, and they only help you make a decision.

Other questions?

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