50 Things To Do While You Are Stuck Inside

50 Things To Do While You Are Stuck Inside

Who could have ever guessed than 2020 would go that way? Not us. Probably not you either. But here we are. There is a virus out there whose spreading was so fast that it turned into a pandemic… which put a the world economy to a halt. Thus, most of us are now working from home or stuck at home. With our thoughts for sole companions or nothing to do. Except if you are working from home. Then, you’ve got some work to do. And you got to stay healthy while doing it. However, what of everybody else? Looking for some inspiration? Here are 50 things to do while you are stuck inside!


We had one rule to abide to while putting together this list of 50 things to do while you are stuck inside. It is to minimize as much as possible moving outside. The guideline is clear. The best way to slow down the spreading of COVID-19 and to flatten the curb is indeed to limit as much as possible social interactions. Indeed, as the virus is easily transferable from one human being to another, the less we get together, the less we risk contaminating someone else. Or endangering those who are vulnerable.


But then, that got us all stuck inside. Now, some of thus are very lucky. If you live in the countryside, you have the newly found luxury to have a garden. Some green space with fresh air, where bees gather pollen and birds sing. Therefore, somewhere where you can even go for a little walk. Us, city folks, always bragging that we have it better because the city is always buzzing with energy and things to do, and how much better it is… found ourselves very jealous right now.


Thus, sorry countryside folks, this list of 50 things to do, even though technically for everyone, is still mostly for city dwellers like us who are losing our sanity in our tiny studio flats. Just kidding, of course, this list of 50 things to do while you are stuck inside is for everybody! It is all about solidarity!


50 Things To Do While You Are Stuck At Home


1. Clean your house or flat

2. Declutter your wardrobe

3. Start a blog

4. Get into baking

5. Read a book from your TBR

6. Start a new hobby

7. Learn a new skill

8. Start a Youtube channel

9. Make videos for TikTok

10. Get all 896 Pokemon in your Pokedex

11. Have a Skype Happy Hour

12. Do a Harry Potter movie marathon

13. Start a new series on Netflix

14. Host a virtual cocktail night

15. Do a big puzzle

16. Learn how to knit

17. Start a correspondence with a friend

18. Organize your makeup collection

19. Learn new  hair dos

20. Write a short story/novel

21. Get into indoors fitness

22. Watch videos on Youtube

23. Watch movies from the 50s

24. Watch makeup tutorials

25. Redecorate your room

26. Update your social media

27. Take a bath

28. Do a sebum therapy

29. Create an Instagram for your pet

30. Create a new playlist

31. Do some coloring

32. Listen to a podcast

33. Try a new recipe

34. Have a boozy Skype call  with your family

35. Do some skincare masks

36. Update your resume

37. Get into yoga

38. Learn how to make cocktails

39. Create an indoor garden with vegetable scraps

40. Learn a language

41. Call a friend

42. Declutter your bookshelf

43. Do some sit-ups

44. Meditate

45. Starts a bullet journal

46. Plan your next trip

47. Learn how to give proper massages

48. Learn about wine (very important)

49. Have a home spa day

50. Drink a lot of water (also very important)


Keep busy while you’re stuck at home


That is a long list with 50 things to do while you are stuck inside. However, we believe we gave you some idea to keep you busy and avoid boredom as we get through social-distancing. Remember to drink a lot of water, it is very important. And to limit social interactions and outdoor movements. Also very important. Except if you have a garden. Indeed, a garden counts as outdoors of your house, luck you.


If you have had laser hair removal before confinement started, remember to always apply SPF 30 to protect your skin against the sun. Should you be exposed to the sun or be among lucky people with a garden. Furthermore, refrain from shaving as much as possible since shaving stimulate hair growth. Similarly, do not pluck nor wax so that you do not disrupt your hair growth cycle and are in the best condition for your next laser hair removal session. Drink a lot of water is it is good for your brain but also for your skin!


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16 thoughts on “50 Things To Do While You Are Stuck Inside”

  1. I have done well over half of these, but I still don’t have an abundance of time. I work from home and currently homeschool my kids so life hasn’t changed a whole lot for me. I have a little more time because we have no sports, outside lessons, or social events. I miss all of that but have been able to get a little bit more done. Now if I could sit down and read a whole novel in one sitting, I would be in heaven!

  2. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve done 1/3 of the things on the list. I’ve not yet tried knitting so this will be next!

  3. I am in the process of cleaning my apartment and decluttering as much as I can. I have already finished the kitchen the other day. It’s hard to do any activities with require thinking too much, when you are stuck inside the house and don’t know when you will be allowed to get out again.

  4. Well, I am trying on new recipes every day because good food is all that is helping me to cope up with this situation. I would declutter my room and digital space in the coming weeks.

  5. This is such a good list! I’m going to try and declutter my house and get it organize!

  6. Great ideas! I need to get ahold of my closest friends and suggest a virtual cocktail night – that sounds like so much fun and a much-needed break from life right now!

  7. Great list and tips! I think it’s a special time and positive attitude is important here.I have a lot of work so barely have extra time but I try squeezing useful things because people on the internet are so inspiring!

  8. Those are some great things to do if you have nothing else to do. Thanks for the great list of things to consider. If I get to see my daughter this weekend I will try doing some with her.

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