3 Reasons Why You Should Do Laser Hair Removal

3 Reasons Why You Should Do Laser Hair Removal

Whether you need one, ten or just 3 reasons why to do laser hair removal, we believe that the picture we chose to illustrate this article is on point. If you have been waxing for some time, you will get it. Waxing hurts. A lot. Plus, it is not even that efficient (the hair still grows back after all) and turns out, waxing has some negative side effects after all! Side effects that are, by the way, all prevented by laser hair removal!

Even beyond that...

Shaving, waxing, plucking, using depilatory creams, etc. More of the same. And not that efficient. The mere fact that you need to worry about your body hair is tiring. Can they not be gone already?! How much time, energy and money would you save if you did not have to take care of your hair each month? Or even twice a week as far as shaving is concerned. And still, you hesitate to undergo laser hair removal. Why though?

3 reasons why you should undergo laser hair removal

No, the price is no longer an excuse. Modern technology made machines more affordable and thus treatments more affordable as well. There are plenty of ways to make laser hair removal cheaper, which we all covered already. What else then? We get that laser hair removal may seem scary as so many information circulates around the internet, and yet so many misconceptions keep spreading.

Actively choosing to do laser hair removal is a decision that requires some research and thoughts. However, to convince you, here are 3 reasons why you should do laser hair removal.

1. Laser hair removal is not painful

Maybe that word is not the right one to use here. Although, technically speaking, laser hair removal is not painful. As in "not that painful". You will ne scream nor feel intense pain going through your body. Laser hair removal might hurt a bit, not because it is indeed painful, but because it is not a pleasant sensation. During the procedure, it will feels like a rubber band slapping your skin. Then will come a cooling sensation.

The cooling technology associated with the laser machine allows the skin to go from a high temperature provoked by the laser to a much cooler temperature, thus making the treatment much more comfortable. Laser hair removal will not be painful like waxing, plucking or sugaring. It will also be much faster. Remember all those bad side effects we talked about earlier? Well, laser hair removal will prevent ingrown hair as well as common infection caused by waxing. It is also much more efficient than shaving which requires attention every other day or so.

When undergoing laser hair removal, the laser targets the hair follicle, detecting the pigment, without damaging your skin or hair. To ensure the procedure is done properly, there still are few steps to follow. Not shaving your hair before your appointment might hinder the process but also increase the risks of getting burnt. Usually, customers describe the laser hair removal process as a very tolerable warm sensation with occasional pinching.

2. Laser hair removal does not leave irritation

Let's focus a bit more on those bad side effects that waxing can cause. Waxing is so far the most efficient short-term hair removal method. As opposed to shaving, it needs to be done once a month, thus leaving patient in a relative peace of mind over their body hair. However, it is a very aggressive treatment to the skin. Indeed, the skin is left very sensitive. Furthermore, as the hair is removed in the opposite direction to its growth, waxing can contribute to ingrown hair. Regrowth is also very often irritating, the skin is dry and irritated. Worst case scenario, an infection may even occur!

As for shaving, it is not better. Sure it is cheaper and less painful. However, it is not without risks either. Shaving is not cost effective since you will need to buy new cartridges rather often, as well as cream and a new razor. Plus, it does not last. The hair is not remove, just cut short, so it will start grow again immediately. Shaving can also leave the skin very dry and produce tiny wounds that will irritate the skin. Do we need to go on?

Now, our reason why you need to do laser hair removal. First, it fixes all the problems mentioned above. Laser hair removal is safe and does not damage the skin. You will not get irritations. Just like any hair removal methods, there are potential side effects but when you shave before your appointment, follow the technician's advice, you should not suffer any bad side effects. You may in very rare cases experience rash or redness, and if so, do tell your technician so that she can adjust the laser intensity accordingly.

3. The gap between sessions

And last of the 3 reasons why you should do laser hair removal! Shaving requires attention every other day or so. Waxing requires you to see your aesthetician every three weeks. However, the gap between each laser sessions is much bigger. You will not need to do another session for another 5 to 6 weeks, leaving some cooling time for you.

Not all the hair will be gone after your first session. Indeed, on average, the first session will reduce hair growth by 18%. Then, your hair will still start to fall off. Some patients will see results after one session while other will need to wait a bit longer. But overall, you will notice a significant hair growth reduction and will not have to shave as much. Yes, you may shave in-between sessions. However, it is not recommended as shaving stimulate hair growth. Leaving your hair be would be ideal indeed.

Do not wax nor pluck between sessions. Removing the hair and the root will interfere with your hair growth cycle and the laser hair removal treatment. Although you should avoid being in direct sun light, you should always wear SPF 30 (at least) and make sure you protect your skin from the sun. Although laser hair removal has no downtime and you may resume your daily routine after your session, the laser leaves the skin sensitive for a few ours. Thus, the skin is more vulnerable to sun damage. This is one reason why it is usually not advised to start laser hair removal in the midst of summer, when people tend to sunbath and be outside.

Did those 3 reasons why you should do laser hair removal convinced you yet?

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