Waxing doesn’t work and shaving gives temporary results. What you want is permanent hair removal, that is why you want to get laser hair removal. It might seem like a big decision, however, you won’t regret it. 

How does Laser Hair Removal Works?

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method that first came to be back in the 1960s. The FDA had then approved the first ND: YAG lasers but the technique was left behind for some time as it needed more refining. It is in the 1970s that laser hair removal really improved and started to become very popular. Nowadays, a lot of men and women undergo full legs laser hair removal or even remove hair on their whole body.

The procedure uses a laser set on a specific wavelength and pulse duration. The light energy emitted by the laser targets the pigment in the hair. It will then travel down to the hair follicle. There the light energy will transform into thermal energy and damage the follicle beyond repair.

The goal is to damage the hair follicle enough so that it does not regenerate nor produce any new hair. The combination of repetitive full legs laser hair removal treatment will contribute to reducing hair growth by up to 90%. Laser hair removal is not permanent as per the FDA definition. However, a lot of patients experience permanent hair removal after six to twelve sessions.


Who is a good candidate for treatment?

Patients with dark hair and light skin are ideal candidates for laser hair removal. This allows the laser to focus its light on the pigment within the hair and does not have pigment within the skin competing for it. In patients with darker skin, however, there are specific lasers that can be used successfully.


Below are 5 things you never knew about laser hair removal, that would help you get ready for your first laser hair removal session.

  • It is not a one time process 

    Laser hair removal involves a series of treatments. While you will begin to see a significant reduction in unwanted hair after your first laser treatment, a full set of Laser Hair Removal treatments is needed to produce the maximum results. In general, around 6 to 8 sessions are enough to get results that last over the years.

  • Is Laser hair Removal Painful?

  • It is somehow painful but you can do something about it. Pain is a relative term, what is painful to you, might not be painful to your friend. So in order to save yourself from the possibility of pain, we recommend using a topical anesthetic, asking your local pharmaceutical for a recommendation. Apply it for 30-60 min before your session. If your session is still painful for you, ask your doctor for ice packs to place on the area before the use of the laser, so the cold can numb your skin and pain receptors. 

  • Always shower with cold water after your laser Hair removal treatment 

  • After you kept your prescribed topical medication, on your skiing for two hours or so, it is good to wash your body with cold-ish water and no soap. Avoid hot water so it doesn’t open up your pores and possibly risk your skin getting itchy, red, or inflamed. 

  • Laser Hair Removal is quick 

  • While you have a series of appointments to get the best possible results, each appointment requires a quick procedure. You can come in for a laser hair removal treatment that lasts only 10 to 30 min, and each procedure will be scheduled over a period of four to six weeks. With these quick appointments, you can remove your hair during your lunch break! Or any time of the day.

  • Some hair types can be hard to treat

  • Everyone has different skin and hair types, some hair types can be thought to treat, but not impossible. After consulting your physician it might still be a viable option. Also, keep in mind that different types of hair can change the effectiveness of the treatment.



    Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that involves a laser and showering the skin in light energy. The treatment although safe can have side effects and risks, like any other treatment. Waxing also does have side effects.And so does shaving. The thing with laser hair removal is that most of those risks and side effects can be avoided if patients follow their certified technician’s advice. Thus, here are seven things you must avoid after laser hair removal to keep those risks at a minimum.

    Avoid touching the skin under your arms. Do not wash with water that is too hot or too cold. Tylenol is recommended to manage post-treatment discomfort. Restorative gel, cold towels, ice packs, or aloe vera can alleviate discomfort due to heat. Avoid additional laser treatments or chemical procedures for at least two weeks. In between treatments, exfoliate so that your skin is in its best condition in preparation for the next procedure. This will make the process more effective, and it will also help to prevent ingrown hairs. Before you leave your first session, make sure you discuss an aftercare plan with your laser technician.

    Avoiding sunlight and UV rays is no secret to anybody. Whether before or after your laser hair removal sessionstaying out of the sun is one of top things to avoid doing after laser hair removal. The treatment will leave your skin very sensitive and therefore more vulnerable to external aggressors. For up to 48 hours after treatment, wear loose cotton clothing and avoid swimming pools, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, and physical exercise.

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