Full body laser hair removal cost

full body laser hair removal cost

Some people are comfortable with their body hair, some aren't. For those who wish to remove unwanted hair, it can be hard to find the right solution. Especially if you wish to remove hair all over your body. Then, you need to know about full body laser hair removal cost.

Hair removal comes in many forms. Waxing and shaving are temporary solutions. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is permanent. A full body laser package is the most time-saving and cost-effective laser treatment you can purchase.

Indeed, it treats all areas of the body in once session. A full body package include six sessions. However, because it combines multiple areas at once, its cost is higher than other laser packages. Even though, the cost of full body laser remains lower than buying a package for each area individually.

Laser hair removal is the best hair removal option

Removing body hair is a personal choice. It can be a matter of taste, personal preferences, self-confidence, hirsutism, lifestyle, etc. Choosing the best hair removal method for you is a complete different matter.

Waxing seems convenient. Indeed, it offers medium-term results. After years of waxing, patients may achieve hair growth reduction. However, the procedure is painful, time-consuming and expensive.

It also has bad side-effects like ingrown hair outbreaks. In the long-term, the cost of waxing equals the cost of a high end car.

Shaving is not better. Not only will you have to shave every other day, but it will not lead to hair reduction. Body hair will grow back looking thicker and darker. In the long-term, the cost of shaving gets higher than the cost of laser hair removal.

In conclusion, laser hair removal treatments are an optimum choice because they simply are less costly than other hair removal options. Should you wish to remove unwanted body hair all over your body, the cost of full body laser hair removal will indeed seem high.

However, in the long-term, it actually is more affordable. A full body laser procedure is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair. Hair growth reduction will be such that patients will not need to shave nor wax ever again.

How does laser hair removal work

Laser hair removal is a long-term hair growth reduction method. Indeed, it can remove up to 90% of body hair on the treated area. Results will vary from one person to another.

The FDA does not categorize the procedure as permanent. Indeed, there are too few long-term research to do so. However, a lot of patients do indeed achieve permanent hair removal.

Laser treatments rely on selective photothermolysis. The laser machines will make a specific wavelength match a pulse duration. That is how the laser can target a specific object at the surface of the skin without damaging surrounding tissue.

During a laser session, the laser emits light energy. The energy is attracted to pigments in the hair. After it is absorbed by the melanin, the energy travels to the hair follicle. There, it turns into thermal energy.

The heat will destroy the follicle, preventing further hair growth.

Laser hair removal works when the hair is actively growing: in the anagen phase of growth. It is the only time the hair and follicle are connected. Otherwise, the energy can't reach its destination. Unfortunately, only 20% of body hair is actively growing at any point in time.

Thus, one session can only treat up to 20% of hair. This is why patients need several sessions, six weeks apart. That time will let the hair grow into the right phase of growth.

Can anyone undergo full body laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a fairly new hair removal method. Although it is increasingly popular, still too few research has been conducted on many aspects of the procedure. That is why we advise pregnant women not to undergo laser treatments. Indeed, we do not know how it could impact the fetus.

Although risks are very rare, they still exist. They can however be avoided if the patients strictly follow pre and pot-session care recommendations. The treatment also has a few contraindications. However, laser hair removal remains very safe.

Laser hair removal generally is not painful. Of course, pain is a subjective notion. Each patient will experience it differently. Some areas are more sensitive, like the bikini line or the upper lip.

Medication or hormone treatments can also okay a role. Indeed, some medication increase photosensitivity. Thus, the treatment may be more painful. Patients on antibiotics should wait at least two weeks after the end of their treatment before they come in for a laser session.

If you are taking Roaccutane, you should wait at least six months. Hormone-based contraceptive and hormonal therapy may also interfere with the treatment. Indeed, the hair growth cycle is triggered by hormones. Thus, patients may need additional sessions.

Everyone can undergo full body laser hair removal. New laser technology make the treatment safe and effective on all skin tones and hair colors. At Infinity Laser Spa, we use diode lasers from Vertex Lasers and Alma Lasers.

The 755nm wavelengths allows us to treat people with light hair. On the other hand, the 1064nm wavelengths effectively treats dark hair on dark skin. Usually, laser hair removal needs a sharp skin-to-hair contrast. Indeed, this helps the laser pick up the hair more easily.

However, laser hair removal works on all skin tones and hair colors. The only exceptions are grey hair and white hair. Indeed, both lack pigments.

What areas of the body does this laser package include?

Our laser hair removal whole body package will remove unwanted body hair all over your body. Patients may remove body hair for many reasons. This laser package will cover all areas of the body at an affordable cost.

Indeed, bundling all areas in a package will both save time and money. The full body laser hair removal cost will be lower than buying individual sessions. Performing the treatment in one session will be faster than booking a session for each area at a time.

The full body laser hair removal package is available to all genders. It covers the face, including the upper lip, lower lip, chin, extended chin, cheeks, sideburns and jawline.

The upper body includes the full back, chest, stomach, shoulders, full arms, armpits, hands, waistline, areolas, front and back of neck.

The lower body includes the hips, full Brazilian (bikini front, bikini line, labia) or Mankini, extended bikini line, full buttocks, inner buttocks, full legs and feet.

We aim to provide the most comprehensive laser package. However, there are areas of the body that we do not treat. This is purely for your safety. We do not cover the nose, forehead, eyebrows and ears.

Full body laser hair removal price

All our laser hair removal packages include six sessions. This is an industry standard for full body laser hair removal cost in usa. Each session must be six weeks apart. Following a tight appointment schedule will contribute to the success of the procedure.

Due to the hair growth cycle, not all hair can be treated at once. As a matter of fact, only 20% of all body hair will be treated per session. This is why patients need at least six. Spacing out sessions will give time for the hair to move into the right stage of growth.

Results varies on several factors. Hormone levels, hair growth cycle, past hair removal history, skin colors, hair color, genetics, all play a role. Some patients will only need six sessions on non-hormonal areas. Other will need more.

The full body laser hair removal package at Infinity Laser Spa includes six sessions. It costs $4,350, reduced from $12,500. Full body laser hair removal cost may seem big. It represents a significant upfront investment.

However, it is less pricey than waxing in the long term. We do offer payment plans in-store as well as on our website. Patients can use Splitit at checkout to pay their purchase in six installments. Patients can pay in three installments in store.

Furthermore, we offer a 20% off discount to students enrolled at University.

To conclude, laser hair removal cost whole body may seem steep. However, broken down, it is not. Indeed, buying packages for each area individually is more expensive.

full body laser hair removal cost in usa for individual treatment session are generally in the range of $100 to $800.” In 2020, the average cost of laser hair removal with no other related expenses was $389, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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