How to improve the results of laser hair removal?

how to improve results of your laser hair removal
Are you not satisfied with the results of your laser hair removal sessions? Or maybe you are just thinking of trying laser hair removal and want to get the best results out of it?
We prepared a few tips on how to improve the results of your laser hair removal.

Before the appointment

Shave a night before the appointment

A lot of people have a misconception that laser targets the hair, however laser targets the follicle and not hir itself. The less shaven you are, the more painful the experience would be because the laser will burn your hair. So make sure you shave thoroughly without missing the spots. Why not shave right before the appointment? You are not allowed to receive any kind of laser treatment on a damaged skin. No matter how careful you are, your razor is likely to leave cuts and damages, so you want to make sure that your skin heals at night.

During the appointment

It is good when you feel heat and pinching

Some people think that feeling heat/pinching is wrong when it indicates shows the effectiveness of the procedure. It shouldn't be burning hot, more like a warm sensation on your skin. Pinching occurs when laser reaches your follicle. Needless to say, the more laser removal sessions you do, the less pinching you feel. Always let your laser technician know how you feel to make sure you will be getting the best results but also prevent burning.

After the appointment

Don't shave at least 10 days

A lot of people expect immediate results just like after waxing. However, it isn't like laser hair removal works. Within 10 days your hair will shed and that is when you will see the change. However, it is very important that you do as less damage to your skin as possible. Try to shave as little as possible between your laser hair removal sessions.

Don't do any physical activity on the same day

The day you receive your laser hair removal treatment your skin gets sensitive and less defensive against bacteria. In order to prevent any inflammatory processes, just stay away from the gym for a day. Also, make sure you keep the treated area clean. Call Infinity Laser Spa today and we will be happy to discuss your laser hair removal options: (347) 791-9600

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  • Claire Masters

    I didn’t previously know that I should shave the area I want to get laser treatment on 24 hours prior to the appointment. My sister told me that she wants to enjoy her summer vacations without worries so she is planning on getting her body hair lasered off. I’ll forward this article to her before she books an appointment with a local laser treatment center next week.

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