Ditch Waxing For Laser Hair Removal

Ditch Waxing For Laser Hair Removal

When did you start to remove unwanted body hair? And which method did you use? Probably not laser hair removal. Simply because it would not have crossed your mind.

Hair growth increases during your teenage years. That is usually also when your hair removal journey starts. Usually with the cheapest and most convenient method available. Which is...


Shaving is great but not that great. So you move onto waxing... before you ditch waxing for laser hair removal. You may realize by then that it may be the most sustainable method out there.

The internet is rife with misconceptions about laser treatments. However, the procedure has experienced an increase in demand. Thus, it has been put into a new light.

People are getting a clearer idea of what laser hair removal treatments entail. A safe and effective procedure, it leads to hair reduction and works on all skin types, skin colors and hair color.

Are you considering switching to laser hair removal? Ditch waxing now, you will not regret it. And here is why!

Waxing is painful

The one major thing about waxing? It hurts. A lot. Especially when it comes to removing unwanted body hair around your bikini area.

The bikini line? Short and fine. A full Brazilian? Please, help!

I am pretty sure we've all got the same reaction in the waxing room. Remember just before that stripe was pulled off?

How tense you were? You know the drill. The tenser you are, the more painful it becomes. What about you relax? Easier said than done, right?!

So sure, one stripe of wax covers a large part of your bikini. Thus, all the hair is removed at once. But, come on, how painful!

After all, the hair root is removed from the follicle. Then, it needs to go through the skin. Sure, it is fast. However, it is not painless.

And never will be.

Should you ditch waxing then? Yes. Is laser hair removal better? Also, yes. Here is why!

First of all, laser hair removal is not painful. Yes, it is not always pleasant. The sensation can be a bit uncomfortable. Still, it is tolerable.

Laser hair removal feels like heat and pinching. It is akin to rubber band snapping at the skin. Basically, the heat sent under the skin will damage the hair follicle. You will not actually need to remove the hair.

Waxing must be done once a month. A laser treatment? Once you are done with your sessions, you are good. No more unwanted body hair to worry about.

Waxing can have side effects

Every hair removal method has side effects. Yet, some have more than others.

Depilatory creams? Packed with chemicals and harmful to the skin. Shaving? Razor cuts and ingrown hair. So, of course, waxing is not better.

Actually, some secondary effects might even make you think twice about waxing. And even give you another reason to switch to laser hair removal.

Ingrown hair outbreaks are a very well-known side effect. Waxing makes unwanted hair thinner. It also removes it in the direction opposite to growth.

When the hair grows back, it can curl under the skin or grow sideway. It may not be able to pierce through the skin at all. People who wax may also experience dry skin, redness and irritation.

So much for smooth skin.

Worst comes to worst? Waxing can lead to bacterial infections or allergic reactions. Some infections will go on their own. Others will not.

Allergies can be life-threatening. Sure, good treatment conditions will reduce the risks. However, some side-effects (i.e. ingrown hair) will be inevitable.

Laser hair removal also have side effects. However, they are very rare. The procedure is safe and efficient. Especially when performed by a certified laser technician.

Patients need to follow aftercare recommendations. Those will help reduce the risk of side-effects even further.

Now, take ingrown hair. Do you struggle with outbreaks? Worry not. Laser hair removal will even stop them from happening!

Why? Simply because the treatment damages the hair follicle. No new hair can grow there again. Thus, there is no chance a hair can curl under the skin.

No hair, no ingrown hair.

Even though the procedure is a long-term game, you will still see results early on. The hair that grows back will look thinner. Treated hair will shed after a week.

Waxing is more expensive

Waxing is more expensive than laser hair removal. Unbelievable, right? But true. And one more reason you should ditch waxing for laser hair removal.

And save some money. That is the point after all. Use it to go on a holiday somewhere. We are being serious. Still don't believe us? Look at waxing from another angle!

Patients usually wax once a month. You want it done right and fast. That is why you go to a salon. What areas do you treat?

Let's say full legs, underarms, Brazilian and upper lip.

Such a treatment costs on average $90. This does not include tips or tax. A year, that is $1,080. Still not including tax or tips.

Let's say you started to wax at 15 years old. And will do so until you are 50. That is thirty-five years of waxing. Or $37,800.

Then again, you will need to add tax and tips. Thirty-five years of waxing is a lot of money. That you could have saved for something else. Maybe a down payment on a house or a car.

Conclusion? Ditch waxing now!

Let's move onto laser hair removal. It can be a big investment upfront. You will have to pay your six initial sessions at once. Some spa offer payment plans however.

Infinity Laser Spa does.

If you do your full legs and underarms, you will need six to eight sessions of each. Those areas are not hormonal. Thus it is easier to remove unwanted body hair.

The Brazilian and upper lips are hormonal though. And will need more session. Let's say ten for each. Overall, the full treatment will cost $4,050. Including tax, excluding tips.

The cost of laser hair removal is much lower than the cost of waxing. Especially because waxing is a monthly recurring procedure. A laser treatment is spread over a year.

Waxing is not permanent

Need another reason to ditch waxing for laser hair removal. It is not permanent. Short-term? You'll have smooth legs for four weeks. Long-term? You'll have to wax every month for years.

You may eventually see hair growth reduction. However, it will take a lot of times. And will not really become more tolerable.

Waxing removes the root of the hair. Thus, repetitive waxing will eventually damage the hair follicle. Which will lead to hair growth reduction.

However, those repetitive treatments have a cost. A big one, as we mentioned above. Plus, you need hair to remove. Thus, you also need to make sure your hair grows back enough before a treatment.

Ideally, 5mm or 0.1inch. That is why there will always be a time between sessions where you have hairy legs.

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is a long-term hair growth reduction method. It has been approved by the FDA as such. Even after one session you will start to see results.

Many patients do experience permanent hair removal. Once they are through with their treatment, they will be rid of their hair forever.

And will no longer have to worry about waxing, shaving, hiding growing hair, etc.

Why should you ditch waxing for laser hair removal? Simply because it is a better alternative. Laser treatments are more efficient. They are also less painful.

Another big argument? They are cheaper in the long-run. And produce amazing results!

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