Does laser actually work wrinkles?

laser on wrinkles

We have talked about how you could use CO2 laser on wrinkles. Due to its very nature, laser targets damaged skin, creating tiny wounds, to boost skin rejuvination and collagen production. It is hus perfect for skin rejuvination. Fractional CO2 laser also works great on acne scars. Again, we talked about this as well. However, you are probably wondering: does laser really help with wrinkles?

Does laser actually work on wrinkles?

The fractional CO2 laser creates a laser beam that it breaks into thousands of tiny light shafts. Those shafts penetrate the top layers of the skin and incude tiny wounds, stimulating the skin to heal. After the skin repairs itself, it gets rid the damaged or wrinkled layers of the skin. Soon, a new layer of young skin will replace it.

What happens to your old skin?

The old skin will simply peel off. The recovery process can last up to a month, but the results might be astonishing. Downtime usually is around five to seven days, although the redness will need up to two weeks to fade. The production of collagen, boosted by the treatment, will happen for a month after the treatment. You should notice skin improvements within a week of the treatment though.

Is CO2 laser painful ?

Being honest here. Yes, it is. CO2 laser for wrinkles or any other skin condition is painful. However, with the help of the anesthetic gels and creams, the pain can be reduced. The level of pain will also depend on your tolerance to pain as well as the work that needs to be done on your skin.

How many treatments do you need?

Even though you will notice the improvement in wrinkle and fine reduction right away, it is recommended to have 2-4 treatments for the best results. Thus, yes, CO2 laser actually works on wrinkles.

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