Top 5 Reasons To Undergo Laser Hair Removal

Top 5 Reasons To Undergo Laser Hair Removal

Every year is the same, isn't it? Summer is about to start and having to actually take care of your body hair becomes ones of those things you wish you did not have to worry about. Whether on your legs, over your bikini area, or your armpits, you want them gone forever. Or for a very long time. You know what? There is a way to be rid of your hair for good and it is called laser hair removal. However, when you do undergo laser hair removal, you get into something much bigger.

The thing with laser hair removal is that there are a lot of misconceptions and myths about it. Unfortunately, those myths become reasons why people do not undergo laser hair removal. For example, people believe it is painful and very costly. While it is not. Thus, we sort of dedicate ourselves to busting myths about laser hair removal. Now, we want to give our top 5 reasons to undergo laser hair removal. They all make sense and should convince you to take the plunge!

Why you should undergo laser hair removal

Not only do we bust myths, but we also want you to know that laser hair removal simply is the best hair removal method available out there. Our top five reasons will of course briefly explain why, but should you have been waxing for a long time, or even shaving, now is the time to ditch those and switch to laser hair removal. Let's not even look at depilatory creams which, as we explained, are full of aggressive chemicals that are not so friendly to your skin.

1. Laser hair removal saves you money

The first reason why you should undergo laser hair removal is money related. As opposed to the popular myth, laser hair removal is not that expensive. It seems that way because it requires a significant upfront payment (although a lot of spas offer payment plans nowadays). However, in the long-term, laser hair removal is actually cheaper than all other hair removal methods.

First of all, there are plenty of ways to make laser hair removal more affordable. Indeed, you can find discounted packages that will offer between six and eight sessions for one area. In the end, the price might not even be higher than one year worth of waxing for the same area. You can always keep an eye on seasonal sales and subscribe to newsletters to get the latest offers!

However, if you need more convincing, we can give you a quick breakdown of prices. Waxing is the most common hair removal method as it requires action only once a month. Not including tips and tax, waxing for full legs, bikini, upper lip and underarms (the most common package), will be at least $90. That makes $1,080 per year or $54,000 after 50 years. Waxing contributes to hair growth reduction but that takes a lot of time.

In comparison, if you get a two small and one large areas (bikini, upper lip, underarms) for eight sessions ($287) and a full legs package for six sessions ($1,306), you will end up paying $1,593. Add to that a couple of extra sessions to each area and you will pay max $2,500. And you will be hair free for a very long time. Plus, you will save roughly $50,000. So, did we convince you already?

2. It gets you hair free for a long time

Laser hair removal uses a beam of light that will target the pigment in your body hair. The energy will then travel through the hair to the follicle and damage it so that it does not produce any new hair. That is how laser hair removal reduce hair growth. The reason why you will need several sessions is the hair growth cycle. You must undergo laser hair removal when the hair is in the anagen phase of growth. It is the only time when hair and follicle connect, and thus when the energy can go from the former to the latter.

Unfortunately, only 20% of your hair is in the anagen phase at all time. Thus, your first session will target 20% of your hair, your second session another 20%, and so on. Furthermore, some hair follicle may need multiple sessions to be truly damaged. However, once it is damaged or destroyed, it will not produce new hair. As opposed to waxing, razors or depilatory creams.

Waxing removes the root of the hair but not the follicle. That is why the hair always grows back. Shaving or using chemical creams will cut the hair at the surface of the skin or dissolve it but will not impact the follicle in any way. The hair starts to grow back immediately after either way. None of those hair removal methods are permanent.

Laser hair removal is not considered a permanent hair removal method by the FDA. This is due to the lack of research and very long-term results as laser hair removal is not that old. However, most patients still experience permanent hair removal. Even though you may need a touch-up session here and there, you will be rid of most body hair for a very long time. Thus, no more need to shave nor wax!

3. Laser hair removal saves you a lot of time too

Another reason why you should undergo laser hair removal is that it will saves you a lot of time. Most people shave because it is meant to be convenient and fast. However, it is not. I do not know about you, but I can sure confirm that every time I have tried to shave under the shower, not only have I wasted a lot of water but also took a good half hour to get all the areas done. And you might miss some areas.

Waxing also takes a lot of time. Few are brave enough to attempt it on ourselves on our own. Thus, most people go to a waxing center. However, an appointment can take from 15 up to 60 minutes depending on the areas. Overall, it takes quite a lot of time. Especially as you need to repeat at least once a week when it comes to shaving or once a month when it comes to waxing.

On the other hand, laser hair removal is much faster. First of all, because the laser head is big enough to cover larger areas but also because of the speed at which the light is sent to the skin. This allows the gun to slide up and down the skin very fast. Underarms will take 10 minutes while full legs will take 30 minutes. And since six to eight sessions over the course of one year will be enough to get satisfactory close to permanent results, you will likely not need to come back.

That is how you will save a lot of time, since you will not need to be in every month of each year after your initial treatment.

4. It eliminates ingrown hairs

Both shaving and waxing can cause ingrown hair outbreaks. This is because the hair is shaved and waxed in the opposite way to its growth. Thus, it can curl under the skin and never be able to break through. Repetitive waxing will thin the hair out, which can make it more difficult to pierce through. Ingrown hair may seem inoffensive but not only are they unpleasant to the touch or can be painful, they can also become infected.

Before you undergo laser hair removal, it is important that you shave prior to your session so that all the energy gets to the follicle and to minimize chancing of getting burnt. However, once the energy gets to the follicle, the damage done will prevent further hair growth. Then, there can't be thin hair to curl under the skin and cause infection.

Laser hair removal prevents ingrown hair outbreaks simply because it removes the very reason why they may happen: the hair.

5. Laser hair removal is not painful

A huge misconception about laser hair removal is that it is painful. This is due to the lack of information on the procedure or the fact that maybe in the past, it was indeed painful. However, improvements in laser technology have brought laser machines that run smoother and that makes each laser session much more comfortable. For example, ND: YAG lasers do not rely too much on melanin to get to the follicle.

Thus, such machines allows laser hair removal to work on all skin or hair colors. They also often include a skin cooling system that will make the procedure virtually painless. A laser machine with a diode is non-ablative and thus not aggressive to the skin.

Overall, laser hair removal is not and should not be painful. First of all, painful is not the right word to use there. The treatment will not be pleasant as it will feel like rubber bands snapping very fast at the skin. Pinching or mosquito bites are other ways to describe the sensation. There will be heat from the laser gun. But the feeling is very bearable and will not hurt.

To conclude, you should ditch waxing or shaving because they will not give you the peace of mind hair-wise that you want and deserve. You should undergo laser hair removal because it is cheaper in the long-term, more efficient, a time-saver, not painful, eliminates ingrown hair and will get you summer body ready all year long.

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