What Is Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

What Is Bikini Laser Hair Removal?

Coming summer, holidays at the beach and bikini season, there is always one thing that becomes a cause for concern: pubic hair or bikini hair. All the hair around the pubic region that you will hopefully manage to hide under your bikini. But bikini hair is a tricky little thing and it slips out on every side. If you wish to remove pubic hair permanently, you can give a go to bikini laser hair removal.

What is bikini laser hair removal though? Well, it includes a few different areas that you can treat separately or all at once. Some of our packages include a few together.

So, why is laser hair removal the best way to remove pubic hair? Simply because it is the longest-lasting hair removal option. As opposed to waxing, you will not experience ingrown hair outbreaks nor have to redo it every other month. As for shaving, well, no itchy regrowth nor thrice weekly attention.

Laser hair removal will save you time, money and energy. Yes, it saves you money. The treatment ends up being cheaper in the long-terms than both shaving and waxing. You will be at peace when it comes to your bikini hair.

1. Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

Bikini line laser hair removal removes the hair outside of the bikini front triangle. In other words, the treatment removes pubic hair just outside the V-Line, one to two fingers wide. Basically, it is the hair that may brim over your underwear. Standard bikini laser hair removal covers the area on the thighs where most undergarment hits.

The procedure takes five to ten minutes as the bikini line is one of the easiest and fastest areas to treat.

Due to the location on the body and the chaffing with underwear, you may experience ingrown hair prior to your treatment. You may notice some bumps even after, as you need to shave before each session and as all hair will not be removed at once. This is due to the hair growth cycle. Thus, you will need to exfoliate the area weekly to ensure ingrown hairs are being dealt with prior to your next session.

The bikini line is a very hormonal area. As a result, pubic hair will require more session to remove. Depending on your skin tone, hair texture and color as well as hormones, you may need from six up to 12 sessions.

Six sessions of bikini front laser hair removal cost $888.25 (incl. tax).

2. Bikini Front Laser Hair Removal

Bikini front laser hair removal will get you ready for the summer and give you that smooth hairless skin you will want for the beach. This treatment removes pubic hair that is on the bikini triangle as well as on the labia. It basically removes bikini hair that is under standard undergarments and along the bikini line. The triangle goes up to where the happy trail ends, just where your underwear would hit.

Pubic hair removal on the bikini front and labia takes ten to fifteen minutes to remove. It is also a very easy and fast area to treat, albeit larger than the bikini line. You must shave prior to each session to ensure a safe and effective procedure.

The bikini front is a hormonal area. Thus, you may need more sessions to remove all pubic hairs. Such an area requires eight up to twelve sessions for satisfactory results. Bikini front is the minimal area of treatment when it comes to pubic hair removal.

Six sessions of bikini front laser hair removal cost $915 (incl. tax).

3. Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Full Brazilian laser hair removal includes both the bikini line as well as the bikini front (and labia) plus inner buttocks, also called thong line. It is a more expansive treatment of the bikini area that aims to get rid of all pubic hair. The treatment goes up to where the happy trail ends. It lives you with smooth hairless skin all around the pubic and intimate region.

The treatment takes fifteen to twenty minutes. Shaving, even the thong line, is essential for the success of the treatment. Clients have reported that the area can become more sensitive closer to their monthly cycle. Thus, you may schedule your sessions around your cycle, whenever possible. However, we will still treat you on your period should you wear a tampon.

The full Brazilian and inner buttocks are hormonal areas and may require more sessions to complete the treatment. Expect to need eight to twelve sessions. Should you want to keep a line of hair or a little triangle above the pubis, this can be arranged.

Six sessions of full Brazilian laser hair removal (including inner buttocks) cost $1,254 (incl. tax).

4. Extended Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

Extended bikini line laser hair removal is an upgraded bikini line as it goes beyond the V-line. It covers the area of the higher thigh running along the V-Line (or where undergarment hits) and is about 3 inches deep. Extended bikini line complements full Brazilian and bikini front laser hair removal.

This treatment takes ten to fifteen minutes. Should you undergo laser hair removal for your full legs or upper legs, extended bikini line will be included in the service since it covers the hair on the higher thighs.

The areas covered by the extended bikini line can be hormonal, which can affect the treatment. Patients may also be more sensitive come their monthly cycle. The minimum amount of sessions is six, but you may need up to twelve depending on your skin tone, hair texture and hair growth cycle before you achieve satisfactory results.

Six sessions of extended bikini line laser hair removal costs $915 (incl. tax) although the package is now on sale for $365.75.

5. Thong Line Laser Hair Removal

Thong line laser hair removal or inner buttocks laser hair removal covers the area between the buttock cheeks about two inches deep. This treatment is included in the full Brazilian laser hair removal package as well as full buttocks laser hair removal.

The thong line takes ten to fifteen minutes to treat. Patients may find this area more sensitive if on their period. The inner buttocks complements the bikini front laser hair removal package.

Patients will need at least six sessions, although the thong line is a hormonal area. Thus, they may require additional sessions to achieve better results.

Six sessions of thong line laser hair removal cost $574.75 (incl. tax).

In conclusion

Bikini laser hair removal can actually include many different areas around the pubic region and remove pubic hair in different places. Indeed, treatments can cover the bikini line, bikini front, extended bikini line, full Brazilian or thong line. Each treatment requires at least six sessions. However, the pubic region is hormonal and thus may require more sessions before patients achieve satisfactory results. The procedure for a man is called mankini laser hair removal.

The treatment may be a bit more painful if you are getting closer to your cycle or on your period as the bikini area will be more sensitive. Should you wish to, we can still treat you as long as you wear a tampon. Remember to shave prior to each session to ensure for a safe and effective treatment. Your hair growth cycle may also influence the treatment and explain why you need additional sessions.

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