What is the most expensive hair removal method?

What is the most expensive hair removal method?

Like any other investment, you want to make sure that you are not wasting your money. And yes, hair removal is an investment. Simply because of the amount of money you will have or already have spent. The problem is, more often than not, you can't reap the rewards.

Why not? Because some hair removal methods are not cost-effective. They seem cheap at first, but the results are not there. Others may seem expensive while in the long-term, they end up being quite affordable.

Now, there are plenty of hair removal methods. Each is different, with a unique procedure and specific results. Each also has specific goals in mind, whether short or long-term. Now, which of those options is the most expensive?


Shaving is one of the oldest hair removal option available. It pre-dates prehistorical times. Back then, people would use a knife or sharp rock. Today, a razor with sharp blades will remove unwanted hair.

At first, shaving seems like the most affordable option.

A razor is cheap. You can buy a set of basic razors for nothing. Or you can opt for a razor and will choose to change the blades every once a month at least. The razor itself is not the costly part.

Cartridges and shaving creams are.

Imagine you buy a razor for $20. Keep in mind that you must change the blade every two weeks or so. Then, you will go through two a month. This is if you shave everyday. Considering how short terms results are with shaving, you may well have to.

Six blades will cost $15. Shaving cream will cost you $5 to $10 depending on the brand. This is all assuming you shop at the men's department. Pink razors tend to be more expensive for some reason.

You will also have to change the razor itself, let's say every three months. Keeping it low ball, you would spend $200 a year on shaving. At least. Now, shaving is not a hair removal method that helps hair growth reduction.

This means that it does not matter how many times you shave, the hair will always come back. And it does so immediately.

Thus, you will have to shave very often to keep your skin smooth. So much so that on sensitive areas such as the upper lip, you may see a shade develop. That means that you will probably have to shave forever but let's round it up to 50 years.

If you spend minimally on shaving, the bill will still be at least $10,000 over 50 years. And you may shave for many more years. While never achieving permanent hair removal or smooth skin. You may however experience ingrown hair outbreaks.

Using chemical creams

Chemical creams is another hair removal option that has short-term results. This alternative is more recent but used just as often.

The main selling points? It is painless, fast and convenient. Furthermore, it also looks like it is quite an affordable option.

A bottle of depilatory cream is indeed affordable. Cost is around $14 for 13oz. If you decide to treat your legs, you will use up one bottle. Thus, depending on the size of the area, you may need a bigger quantity to effectively work the entire area.

One piece of advice before we delve in. Avoid using hair removal creams on areas with sensitive skin such as the bikini line, Brazilian and the face.

Chemical creams have the same effect as shaving. The product does not cut the hair but dissolves it at the surface of the skin. The cream does not go as deep as the hair follicle and therefore does not impact hair reduction.

Because the hair is simply dissolved but the root is still there, it starts to grow immediately after the treatment. Thus, you may have to do the treatment multiple times a month. Let's say twice a month.

Doing the full legs and underarms, you would need 2.5 bottles each time. 5 bottle a month then. the cost is $900 a year.

Remember that this method of hair removal does not permanently remove hair. Results are very short term.

Thus, you will have to use creams multiple times a month for years to come. 50 years of using cream will cost $45,000 at least. Which is quite a lot of money if you think of it.

Chemical creams also have some side effects including redness, allergies, irritated skin. They are very aggressive to the skin due to the chemicals they used. In conclusion, it is a method that is expensive and not effective in the long term.


Waxing is also a very old hair removal option. Back in the days, people used melted sugar, which is still used today. As opposed to creams and shaving, waxing does have an impact on hair reduction. It contributes to hair growth reduction.

Waxing is quite straightforward. You spread the wax over the area you want to treat. The hair must be at least 0.5mm long. Once the wax cools and the hair is trapped, you tear off the stripe, taking the hair with you.

Waxing removes both the root and the hair. Successive treatments will end up tiring and damaging the hair follicle that will eventually stop producing new hair. However, this is a very long process that will require years of waxing.

Furthermore, waxing is not cheap. The monthly investment is significant. Especially if you treat multiple parts of the body. A usual combination includes the full legs, Brazilian, underarms and full face.

Total cost is around $100, not including tax and tips.

Done once a month, waxing costs $1,200 a year. After 50 years, you will have spent $60,000, which is a significantly high amount of money. Waxing is also quite time-consuming and very painful. Even though you may get used to the pain, it will never be comfortable.

Waxing is a hair removal option with side-effects. The pain is one of course, but others include ingrown hairs, bumps, bleeding, redness, irritated skin and infection. The hair grows back after a few weeks but may stay stuck under the skin.


Electrolysis is the only hair removal option describes by the FDA as permanent. Once the hair is treated, it will never ever come back, and this regardless of your hair growth cycle. It is a technique that can only be done by a dermatologist.

This option disrupts hair growth by targeting each individual hair one by one with a probe. That prove is inserted in the hair follicle and will send a jolt of current that will damage the follicle. The latter will not be able to produce any new hair.

The thing with this solution is that it is expensive and time consuming. Each hair is targeted one by one, meaning that large areas such as the full legs take multiple sessions. Even a small area like the underarm may not be done in a session.

A session of 15 minutes costs a least $45. Every follicle needs to be targeted at least twice. The cost of electrolysis for the full legs will be around $4,500. If you also do the Brazilian, upper lip and underarms, you will spend $10,000 easy.

Electrolysis may seem like an expensive option but it is permanent. The hair will not grow back. However, it does send a jolt of electricity under the skin with a probe. It is therefore a treatment that is quite painful.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a long-term hair growth reduction option. It will reduce hair growth by up to 95%. It does not qualify as a permanent hair removal option as per the FDA. However, lot of patients still do experience permanent hair removal.

It is very efficient to remove unwanted body hair, especially facial hair and bikini hair. This method relies on selective photothermolysis. The beam of light produced by the laser targets the pigments in the hair without damaging surrounding skin tissues.

Once the energy is absorbed by the melanin, it travels to the follicles where it anchors itself. After the hair follicle is damaged, it is unable to produce new hair. Laser hair removal works on hair that is in the anagen phase of growth.

The thing is, only 20% of hair is in that phase at any point in time. Thus, one session can treat 20% of hair. This is why patients need several sessions. The cumulative results of each session will lead to permanent results.

Laser treatments are painless. They may feel a bit uncomfortable but they will never hurt as much as waxing or electrolysis. Indeed, they feel like pinching or a rubber band snapping at the skin. It also works on all skin types and complexions.

Laser hair removal is deemed expensive. It is a myth that we have debunked a few times already. The upfront cost is significant. However, after a year of treatment, you will be done with hair removal.

You may occasionally need a touch up.

Yet, the total cost will still be much lower than shaving, waxing or any other options listed above. At Infinity Laser Spa, we run seasonal sales and package deals. thus, you can grab a treatment at a reduced cost.

The more sessions you buy at once, the cheaper the cost of a session. If you buy multiple areas at once, the total price will also be lower. For example, the cost of 8 sessions full legs, underarms, full Brazilian and full face is $2,500.

Or $312.5 per session.

It is a one time cost that is lower than any other hair removal alternative. Infinity Laser Spa also offers financing options allowing patients to pay in installments.

Of course, like any other option, laser hair removal has side effects. Redness and mild burns can occur. If pre-session preparation and aftercare are not taken seriously, patients may experience skin discoloration and scarring. However, those can be easily avoided with proper preparation.

In conclusion

Let's take into account the cost of each treatment. Then, let's look at how often it must occur. Waxing definitely is the most expensive hair removal option of the five listed above. Despite their reputation of being affordable, shaving and creams are quite costly too.

Buying razors and blades every month may not seem like much at the time of purchase. However, the long-term cost is quite high. On the other hand, electrolysis and laser hair removal offer permanent results. A full treatment need only happen over the course of one year.

Electrolysis remains more expensive than laser hair removal however. And more painful. Laser hair removal is thus the most affordable option of all five above. It is also the most convenient and sustainable one.

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