What Getting Laser Feels like on Under Arms

What Getting Laser Feels like on Under Arms

What Getting Laser Feels like on Under Arms 

You ditched waxing. You also gave up on depilatory creams, What you want is permanent hair removal. That is why you switched to laser hair removal.

It may seem like a huge decision. However, you will not regret it. 

Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal damages hair follicles, so that they won’t produce new hairs. This can lead to fewer less noticeable hairs for a long period of time. 

Permanent hair removal on Under Arms: 

First the professional will clean the treatment area and apply a mild anesthetic cream if needed. You will be given protective eyewear for the rest of the procedure. Next the professional will place a device that contains a beam of light over the armpit area. This light heats up the follicle, causing damage to it, so it won’t produce new hair. The process might be completed in a few minutes. 

How long does the Armpit laser last? 

On average between four and six weeks. So that the laser can catch any hair that was dominant in a previous session. If you schedule your treatment too far apart you miss completely missing entire cycles of hair growth and never catching certain hairs. 

How does getting laser hair removal, feel like: 

While you might not feel the heat, you might feel like your skin is being snapped with a rubber band. You might also experience mild discomfort after the procedure, such as redness and irritation similar to a sunburn. 

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